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Teddy Allen - Man or Boy?

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  • Thank God for Google. It appears that a Benor is a Nord who lives in Morthal.

    choida must be into something kinky.


    • So when he gets old, will he need benor pills?


      • Burton Teddy Mcduffie Samaje Miitgard... starting 5


        • Dan
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          Udeze not Mitgaard

        • Lawman
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          Samaje, Burton, McDuffie, Sir Rodrick, and Udeze. Bench mob: Torez, Stevenson, Dennis, Poor Bear, and The Great Dane.

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        • choida
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          Super misleading... But he is the coaches son... All is good

      • Originally posted by Dave Stalwart View Post
        A benor?
        Livin the dream


        • That was a little too precise.


          • latest?cb=20120811024719.jpg
            "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


            • Yeah, really dumb


              • This is a complicated case A lot of in's a lot of outs. A lot of what have yous.


                • BOBB
                  BOBB commented
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                  Do they have any leads?

              • Rip em up, Tear em up, Give em HELL Shockers!


                • MVC just had 2 or 3 guys waivers approved. Not even hardship types. There also rumbling mid-semester transfers are applying for immediate eligibility. Meanwhile Teddy continues to play on scout team....


                  • Originally posted by ABC View Post
                    This is a complicated case A lot of in's a lot of outs. A lot of what have yous.
                    Compared to the other cases...why is Teddy's more complicated??? Could it be a West Virginia problem? Or is the person in charge of making the decision a jawhawk alumn?? Seems odd that his is taking so long.
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                    • OregonShocker
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                      1972Shocker Yeah, you do.... Huggins.

                    • 1979Shocker
                      1979Shocker commented
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                      The ones that have already been approved, when were they filed? Before or after Teddy's?

                    • WstateU
                      WstateU commented
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                      It's always those damn "jawhawks"!

                  • I can only imagine the level “delicate balance” inacted in these request. You want to give them, the NCAA, as much as information as possible to get your boy eligible but without opening up any other can worms. So I can see a “wait and see what they ask for” approach thus it taking longer than ideal but really who knows...
                    If you're not going to go all the way, why go?


                    • Another waiver granted.


                      • If we add Teddy mid-season do we get to void all of our pre-Teddy losses? That might have been one of the things the committee did away with.