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Official: Ark Tech Post Game Thread

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  • Official: Ark Tech Post Game Thread

    I was really happy to finally see this team play. My two cents, after a little more practice with this system we are going to be fun to watch. How about that defense in the first half, pretty nice to see a little press!

    More later!

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    box score:

    was I just seeing things or did Gal have 16? they have him with 13


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      He had 16. I was somewhat disappointed with our performance tonight. But, hey, it's the first game. I have a feeling this will be a fun team to watch with a little more time under the belt.

      And just throwing this out there... I see that this was an exhibition game, but let's put a few more fannies in the seats from here on out. And make some noise!
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        The problem with the inside game is we didn't go inside enough. Even Marshall talked about that.

        I don't have a problem with the 3's. They were open shots that just didn't fall.

        Cooz is a freaking stud.

        Mantas is an animal on the boards.

        We missed too many bunnies inside

        Many of the turnovers weren't bad really. Some communication issues and stuff. That'll be worked out.

        Crowd really disappointed. I'd be surprised if there were more than 9k there.

        There was a Stutz sign that made it on the screen many times. No chant.
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          Just back from the game, my impressions:

          PJ, Matt and Gal give us three great scoring threats. Easy to tell who the experienced players were.

          We played a LOT of different lineups. I don't know if I could even count them all. I'm guessing Marshall wanted to see a little (if not a lot) of everyone. Don't read too much into the final score.

          Was anyone else looking up at the scorers table to see who was subbing in for the Shocks at the 18, 17 or even 16 minute mark? I found myself doing it pretty often, and guess what...there weren't any. GREAT to see the players get a chance to play. They made mistakes, they made good plays, and coach still kept them in there. Hopefully that trend will continue.

          What got old, real old and I'm mean REAAAAALLLY old was watching the same (bad) guys come down, dribble penetration and get fouled by a Shocker player. I would have loved to see a little more zone. If I didn't know any better, Marshall called the Ark Tech coach before the game and told him to utilize the tactic ad nauseum just to see if any of our guys could make a stop. Ark Tech had one good shooter who could hit the outside shot, and we left him open, but we overplayed the non-shooters to the point of giving them a free drive into the lane - we might as well have rented the limos to drive in - it would have been more fun to watch.

          I never at any point in the game felt like the Shocks would lose the game - which was kind of weird. I don't feel that confident against a team like Bradley and SIU, though, if we can't at least play a little zone.

          Griskenas, Clemente, Ellis and Hatch all appeared a bit nervous. I thought Burley was actually pretty solid and did what he was supposed to do.

          It was fun to see a Shocker team press as much as they did. It's not like we were great at it or anything, but it kept the game up tempo and will hopefully come into play at some point this season.

          Loved the high fives (low fives, tens, whatever) from Coach M to the guys after they subbed out and had made a great play. I don't thin the team has quite bought into the intensity that Coach M wants to see out of them, though.

          Fnally, as fans, we suck. I'm sorry, but that was a terrible crowd. We made more noise at last nights volleyball game with only 6000 people. If 9000-10000 people can't make more noise than 6000, well, I think we've got some things to work on as well.


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            Marshall was talking all week how he and the team couldn't wait to hear the volume of a 10,500 seat arena going nuts... and that's what he got?

            Kinda pathetic.

            Again, it's only an exhibition coming off a disappointing year, so it's not all that unexpected. I expect the numbers and noise to steadily increase as we get closer to the "real" games.

            Also, I might add the game was a little hard to watch at times. The game also lacked a lot of flow. Add that into what essentially is a practice and it shouldn't seem too surprising.
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              I was really impressed with Mantas, seemed like he was getting a rebound every time a shot went up. He didn't score, but having 11 boards kinda makes up for it.

              He also had that really nice block after he threw the ball away.


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                Originally posted by shocks02
                box score:

                was I just seeing things or did Gal have 16? they have him with 13
                It looks like they gave one of Gal's treys to PJ. The box has him with 22.


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                  I really dont think the student section did bad at all, one this is a pre-season game and there wasn't much to cheer about considering were playing a d-2 team and we never got anything going soooo....


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                    How did Brett Burley look out there?


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                      burley did well i thought. for it being his first game and all..... he def did better than the "veteran" phil thommason. what a joke.
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                        Originally posted by RipEmUpShox
                        burley did well i thought. for it being his first game and all..... he def did better than the "veteran" phil thommason. what a joke.
                        That's not fair to Phil. He did take two charges. Phil needs to get stronger as the year goes on but he's a solid player who needs to get fired up and meaner. The tools are there.


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                          Originally posted by RipEmUpShox
                          burley did well i thought. for it being his first game and all..... he def did better than the "veteran" phil thommason. what a joke.
                          PT had a nice 1st half with 7 points and a couple charging calls. It wasn't his fault that WSU didn't try and work the ball inside the 2nd half.

                          2nd I don't know how he can say he did better - make me think your just a "hater".

                          Phil 4-8 from field, 3 boards, 1 assist, 12 points
                          Brett 0-0 from field, 1 board, 0 points


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                            Agree SB, BB was lost on the press when he came in (nerves) but he is way ahead of last years transfer RB at this point in his career. PT showed his aggressiveness. Now if he can just keep it up.


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                              Bringing the ball up court

                              After about three times, it was obvious that Matt was going to walk for 2 seconds, choose and move to one side of the court and then sprint across mid-court and fire a pass to a wing on that side. If we do this against a MVC team in crunchtime, it will be foiled EVERY time. In fact, the Wonder Boys stopped it twice.
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