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  • David Rahm,
    I have acknowledged that NET is out of whack this year for the reasons I’ve stated multiple times. I’m not going to throw a system out based on such an unusual year. Nor am I anointing it flawless or even the best available method.

    As far as the other teams you mentioned, as with Colgate, few of them are considered at large teams at this time.

    Per Bracketmatrix, the following is the list of teams you mentioned followed by how many mock brackets currently include them as an at large out of 106 brackets.

    Georgia Tech - 1
    Notre Dame - 1
    Kentucky - 2
    Duke - 2
    Penn State - 4
    WSU - 5
    Furman - 18
    Maryland - 31
    Stanford - 59

    Indiana - 98

    Knowing there are still three weeks until selection Sunday so things can change, let’s assume a team in fewer than 75% of mock brackets would not make the tournament today. That leaves one team on your list, Indiana, who makes the tourney.

    Indiana’s resume:
    Q1: 2-8
    Q2: 5-0
    Q3: 2-1
    Q4: 2-0
    SOS: 42 overall, 127 non con

    WSU’s resume:
    Q1: 1-3
    Q2: 2-2
    Q3: 5-0
    Q4: 2-0

    As we know because we follow them so closely, WSU still has opportunities to build an NCAA worthy resume. Do they have one already? I think the case can be made they do but I’m not willing to compare it to every other bubble team.

    Is Indiana worthy? 2 Q1 wins is underwhelming considering the number of Q1 opportunities they’ve had but the rest looks solid.

    FWIW, wins above bubble, which is the sexy new metric that many want to replace NET, considers the following teams from your list as tournament teams. Seed is in brackets.

    Colgate (14), Indiana (10), Wichita State (12), Stanford (13), Maryland (14), Penn St (play in).

    I don’t believe the above takes auto-bids into consideration so some of the higher seeds likely would be pushed out in reality.


    • Originally posted by Shock Top View Post
      Colgate is ranked now where they would be ranked in early December in a “normal” season.

      Even then, other teams would have more games vs better teams and they would probably drop a bit further even.

      If some school could have thought about it a head of time, they could have figured out a ay to game the NET rankings this season, like Colgate (likely) unintentionally has.
      If a team intentionally scheduled the way Colgate was forced to (or however they ended up playing their crazy schedule), it wouldn’t matter. They still wouldn’t get in the tournament based on one number because that isn’t how the field is selected.


      • If one thing's for sure, it's that we can all agree the NET sucks.
        "In God we trust, all others must bring data." - W. Edwards Deming


        • Both Loyola and Drake struggling with NET 200+ Teams tonight

          Loyola up 1 on Valpo with 4 to go
          Drake up 6 on UNI with 4 to go
          Drake wins by 8
          Loyola drops a whopping 54 pts against 236th ranked team and wins by 2

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          • Higgy had the Geese v Panthers game. I miss Higgy.


            • Originally posted by WuDrWu View Post
              Higgy had the Geese v Panthers game. I miss Higgy.
              ROOFEREES...Great name for his company...
              me thinks he's a bit of a pretty boy ref, but I like him....Kentucky people still hold a grudge on him, I think...


              • Higgins is still one of the best
                Infinity Art Glass - Fantastic local artist and Shocker fan
                RIP Guy Always A Shocker
                Downsizing Government - Part of the Cato Institute
                Carpenter Place - A blessing to many young girls/women
                Cato Institute - A libertarian take on the issues
                ICT S.O.S - Great local cause fighting against human trafficking
                Wartick Insurance Agency - Saved me money with more coverage.
                MVCFans Alternative, Where ALL Voices Can Be Heard - Come join the party


                • He was at the Ok State game this year.


                  • GGG always seemed to like him doing Shocker games.


                    • Originally posted by wichshock65 View Post
                      GGG always seemed to like him doing Shocker games.
                      You usually get a 'fair shake' with him reffing...
                      "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


                      • He put gutters on my house. They're zebra striped.
                        There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; and never get involved with a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body. Now you stick to that, and everything else is cream cheese.


                        • God's Bear had another Double-Double (14 with 12 RB) for GCU win tonight over Cal Baptist 71-61. He now leads team in PPG (14.8) RPG (9.7) and Blocks (1.2).

                          Really happy for him. Wish he was still here!


                          • It will be interesting to see if AM takes a Euro ball contract or plays one more year in college. He would be a beast next year if he stays.


                            • A lot of bubble teams taking losses today. UConn, Minnesota, VCU, Indiana... Stanford in Double OT



                              • Originally posted by Stickboy46 View Post
                                A lot of bubble teams taking losses today. UConn, Minnesota, VCU, Indiana... Stanford in Double OT​​​​
                                Net rankings in parenthesis.

                                Make that Triple OT for Stanford (51) vs Washington State (100). WSU wins 85-76

                                Minnesota's (57) loss was to #5 Illinois (4) but it was a blowout at 94-63.

                                UConn's (52) loss was to #8 Villanova (12) 68-60.

                                VCU (31) lost middle of the pack George Mason (154) 79-76 in OT.

                                Indiana (42) lost at home to Michigan State (90) 78-71.

                                Mizzou took care of business at South Carolina winning 93-78.

                                Ole Miss is down to Mississippi State 25-31 at half. Come Rebs pick it up.

                                Oklahoma State at #2 Baylor postponed.
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