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Teddy Allen - Man or Boy?

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  • As I watch some of the movement in college football (the latest example being Justin Fields's waiver to platy immediately at Ohio State after leaving Georgia), it becomes more and more obvious what an arbitrary sham the decision was to deny Teddy Allen a waiver this year.

    I once knew a guy who liked to refer to the Chickenhawks as the Forces of Evil, and I can't dispute that -- but the real FOE is the clowns at NCAA headquarters. A pox on them and their corrupt organization (and on Bob Huggins and West Virginia too, just for good measure, regardless of how much impact they had on the miscarriage of justice here). It may not be on quite the scale of what the NFL refs did to the Saints (although the Saints were certainly contributors to their own demise too), but there's no question this season would have a different look and feel with (at least) two or three more wins.


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      Quality sports writers need to get more involved in calling out the NCAA's shenanigans. I know there were some who completely believed TA should get a waiver and none, to my knowledge, that thought he should not. However, when there are great discrepancies in who does and who does not, based on reasons for the waiver, they need to be publicized. I know the NCAA does not comment on their decisions in these matters, but put in their court to bad, or corrupt, to the public.