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2017-18 WBB American Athletic Conference Games

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    HCKA is going to talk about the game on the Monday coaches show. What is their to say about this game? If you are top recruit and you can go anywhere except maybe Uconn if they will have you? Where do you go?


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      Obviously UConn is a tremendous team and program and catching them coming off by far their poorest offensive outing of the year was not great timing for what we knew was an over-matched Shocker team. I was unable to follow the game and I have not watched a replay so I probably shouldn't comment. But while there have been some good things this season for the Lady Shocks I just can't see getting beat by 81 points by anyone as being a good thing. Hopefully, this will serve as a catalyst for the Lady Shocks to finish the season strong with 4 games against competition more at their level and needing to win 3 of those 4 games to finish 0.500 in the conference which would be a nice finish relative to expectations for this team.

      So here is my positive spin on the UConn Game. UCF and WSU combined to hold UConn to 89.5 points per game which is below their season scoring average of 91.1 points per game. Yeah, I'll go with that.


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        Originally posted by Zardoz View Post
        HCKA is going to talk about the game on the Monday coaches show. What is their to say about this game? If you are top recruit and you can go anywhere except maybe Uconn if they will have you? Where do you go?
        Hopefully, I will be able to catch the radio show tonight. Would like to hear what HCKA has to say.

        Looking at the stats UConn's 52 points on 28 turnovers was certainly eye-popping and probably explains a lot.

        The Shocker bigs (Rangie, Angiee, Sabrina and Alyssia) weren't totally bad. 15-32 form the field for 46.9% which is just a hair above the 46.1% they shoot as a group on the season. They also were 6-7 from the line (Rangie was 6-6) which is the only free throws the Shockers shot. Angiee grabbed 9 rebounds including 5 on the offensive boards. Of course, there weren't many defensive rebounds to be had. However, Rangie , Sabrina and Alyssia only managed 3 rebounds between them and the bigs did contribute 11 turnovers to the the Shockers abudant total.

        The Shocker guards, however, seemed to be totally overhwhelmed shooting 3-25 from the field including 0-11 on treys plus 16 turnovers.

        Obviously, most of us expected something in the neighborhood of a 50-point blowout. I don't think too many saw an 81 point defeat coming. A couple or factors I suppose. UConn was no doubt unhappy about only scoring 55 points in their 18 point win over UCF. And there is no way for the Shocker to simulate in practice the tsumani that was about to hit them.

        Not sure you really spend much time on the UConn game other than just to admire their excellence. After all is said and done the loss to UConn counts exactly the same in the standings as any other AAC loss. No more, no less. Maybe study tapes of the Shocks 5 game winning streak and focus on what they did well during the stretch. Fortunately, once the tsunami subsided the Shockers found themselve washed ashore in a land of more or less equals.

        In fact, all 4 remaining opponents on the Shocks' schedule trail the Shocks (10-16, 5-7) in the AAC standings. They have Temple (10-14, 2-9) and Tulane (12-13, 4-8) at home and SMU (4-8, 10-15) and Tulsa (3-9, 19-16) on the road. They can still finish at 0.500 in the AAC if they can win 3 of these games. They are certainly capable of doing that if the Shocker team of the 5-game winning streak shows up. At worst that would put them in 7th place in the conference, perhaps even as highas 6th. That would be a decent showing for a team picked to finish 10th.

        Maybe HCKA tells them that yes the UConn game was embarassing. However, this large group of seniors still has the opportunity to finsih in a way that would allow them to walk away with their heads held high for a job well done. They just have to Go Get It.


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          Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
          Hopefully, I will be able to catch the radio show tonight. Would like to hear what HCKA has to say.


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            Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
            In very summarized form:

            She basically said she got her butt kicked but she would try to turn it into a positive and use it as motivation to be able to put a team on the court that could give UConn a game. Said she told Gino she hoped she would be able to give him a game someday. She said she didn't know if this would ever happen but she was motivated to try to make it happen. Said she thought the team handled the beat down with class and that she thought they would try to finish the year strong. She did say she was a little concerned that the Shocks might be getting a bit fatigued. Said when she is retired and in her rocking chair she will look back and say Wow, I actually was coaching against Gino and that great UConn team. How blessed to have the opportunity.

            The accident they had on the bus taking them from Eisenhower to Koch Arena wasn't serious but was a close call and easily could have been much worse. She said that served to kind of put things back into perspective.

            Spent quite a bit of time talking about her incoming recruiting class. I covered that on the 2018 Recruiting thread.

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              Shocks 88 - Temple 81.

              Not a typical Shocker game for sure. Rarely do the Shocks win when the give up 81 points. I would summarize the game as both teams having very good offensive games and very poor defensive games.

              The Shocks shot a school record 70% from the field including an uncharacteristically good 7-13 (53.8%) on treys. The Shocks were 11-16 from the line with 4 of their misses in the last 10:30 of the game.

              With all that Temple still had a chance to win after trailing 56-70 early in the the 4th quarter as they pulled to within 3 at 78-81 with 4 minutes to play. Up to that point the Shocks had played exclusively zone with some half-court zone trap thrown in the 4th quarter. I say they played zone; I suppose I should say they played zone badly to that point. Combine their poor defensive play with a number of really low-BBIQ plays in the 4th quarter and Temple had a chance. I was begging HCKA to get out of the zone which she did once Temple closed within 3 points. Temple only scored 3 points over the final 4 minutes. Even with all that Temple might have won the game if they could shoot free throws. They were 11-22 for the game from the line.

              Rangie Bessard had a career high 38 points to lead the Shockers on 13-17 FG and 10-12 from the line. Rangie had 14 points in the 4th quarter on 5 layups and 4 free throws as she was the beneficiary of the Shockers breaking the Temple full court press and finding Rangie roaming free on the back end. Rangie was scoreless at the end of the 1st quarter.

              Angiee Tompkins also had a very good offensive game scoring 17 points on 8-12 shooting. Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage, Jeliah Prestion and Keke Thompson chipped in 27 points on 11-15 shooting.

              Jaleesa Chapel only played 7 minutes but she may have had her best game of the season. She had a particularly good stretch of 4 possessions midway through the 2nd quarter. With the Shocks leading 30-27 Jaleesa hit a 18 foot jumper, then made a steal, then hit another jumper, then took a charge followed by an Angiee Tompkins basket to give the Shocks a 9 point lead. The Shocks had 26 assists on 35 baskets with Keke Thompson leading the way with 8 assists and Angiee Tompkins close behind with 6.

              On the negative side Diamond Lockhart did not play. I was told she was out with a concussion. I thought Cesaria had a very poor game. 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 7 turnovers (many on just poor decision making) and she fouled out (that may have been a positive).

              1 down and 2 to go with 3 left if the Shocks want to hit the .500 mark in conference play. Up next is SMU in Dallas on Saturday.
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                Sully takes a look at Rangie's career high scoring performance against Temple.



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                  Yes!! on the zone being a sieve.

                  Yes!! on really low BBIQ.

                  Yes!! on Cesaria on her turnovers. With her pass-first mentality, she drives into the lane and tries to make a pass when there are just too many bodies in a small space.


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                    I did like HCKA's post-game radio interview. She was just into her initial comments when you could tell she was a bit distracted. She said somehting like -- Steve, I'm going to have to cut this short as I see a recruit in the house and I want to catch her before she leaves the building. And off she went. At least she has her priorities in order.

                    Temple Game Highlights:

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                      The Lady Shocks coming off a high-scoring 88-81 win over Temple hung on for a low-scoring 52-45 win on the road at SMU to move their AAC record back to .500 at 7-7 with 2 games to play.

                      I wasn't able to follow the game real closely but I do know SMU has some good size including 6-6 and 6-5 that may have bothered the Shocks. Rangie for example after putting up 38 mostly inside points against Temple was only 5-15 from the field and Angiee who also had a good game against Temple only managed to shoot 4-14 from the field. But while the Shocks only managed to shoot 37.5% from the field (after setting a school record of 70% against Temple) the Mustangs only managed to shoot 27.9% from the field. Whether that was due to good Shocker defense or simply ineptitude by SMU I can't say. Maybe a little of both?

                      Overall rebounding was pretty even (40-39 in favor of SMU). However,SMU outrebounded the Shocks 18-9 on the offensive boards outscoring the Shocks 11-5 on 2nd chance points. Points off turnovers were +3 for the Shocks. The game may have been won at the FT line. The Shocks were 14-19 while SMU was 7-13.

                      The Shocks led 40-27 after 3 quarters. However, SMU ralled in the final stanza to pull to within 6 points at 47-41 with 2:20 to play but the Shocks held them off for the win. As HCKA said in her post game comments any road win is a good win. SMU did give USF a competitive game in Tampa on Wednesday.

                      Diamond missed her 2nd consecutive game due to a concussion. Rangie lead the way with 16 points, Keke had 12 points and 6 rebounds, Sabrina added 9 points and 7 rebounds, Angie had 8 points and 10 rebounds but also had 4 turnovers. Cesaria only scored 1 point but she also only turned it over 1 time and had 2 assists in a game where the Shocks only had 7 assists total on 18 baskets plus she had 6 rebounds.

                      The Shocks have a week off before hosting Tulane next Saturday afternoon which will be Senior Day then they finish the regular season the following Monday evening at Tulsa.

                      The Shocks are currently in 6th place in the AAC at 7-7. The are 1.5 games behind Cincy (8-5) and 0.5 games ahead of ECU (6-7).

                      Cincy is at Temple, at USF and home against Houston to finish the season. They could easily lose 2 of these games although Cincy blasted Tulsa at home today 78-41.

                      ECU is at Tulsa, home against Temple and at UCF to finish the season. At UCF will be a real challenge and Temple may be tough as well.

                      If the Shocks can win both of their remaining games the could finish as high as 5th place in the league. The worst they can do would bre 7th if they lost them both. Hopefully Diamond will be back on the floor for these final two regular season games. The Go Get It Gals need to show up for these two games.

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                        For a couple of reasons I'm glad to see the Shocks have a full week off before they play their final two games at home vs Tulane on Saturday and the regular season finale at Tulsa on Monday.

                        One reason is that HCKA mentioned her team might be getting a bit fatigued here lately. This break gives her a chance to give her team some rest. Also, this will hopefully give Diamond the time she needs to come off the concussion protocal and get a couple of good practices under her belt prior to Saturday.

                        The Shocks have already guaranteed that they will exceed pre-season expectations as far as where they will finish in the AAC race. I will be very disappointed if they don't win 1 of the last 2 to finish at 8-8 and mildly disappointed if they don't win both remaining games to finish at 9-7.


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                            I wasn't able to attend the game today but the Lady Shocks took care of business on Senior Day with a 81-70 win over Tulane behind Seniors Rangie Bessard, Angiee Tompkins and Diamond Lockhart who combined for 64 points on 25-40 (including 5-7 treys) from the field and 9-12 from the line while grabbing 21 rebounds. Diamond kicked in 7 assists for good measure.

                            Angiee's career high 24 points came in 22 minutes of playing time.

                            I was in the car just as the game came to an end but no post-game interview with HCKA due to the Senior Day Celebration.

                            This win does guarantee that the Lady Shocks will finish not worse than 0.500 in AAC play with one game at Tulsa on Monday remaining on the schedule.

                            I think this group of seniors handled this year very well with the coaching change and I give them and Coach Keitha a lot of credit for that.

                            The Shockers currently sit in 6th place in the AAC after being picked to finish 10th. The worst they can do is tie for 6th.

                            I believe flyingMoose posted he was going to the game today so perhaps he will favor us with one of his excellent eyewitness reports.


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                              Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
                              I believe flyingMoose posted he was going to the game today so perhaps he will favor us with one of his excellent eyewitness reports.
                              You will have to settle for an average to mediocre report.

                              The Shockers shot very well in the first quarter to build a 25-14 lead. Twelve of the fourteen Green Wave points came on four three-balls. The lead got to seventeen in the second quarter before Tulane pulled it back to six. A three-pointer by Cesaria shortly before the buzzer gave the nine-point halftime lead.

                              Another seventeen-point lead in the third quarter was down to six early in the fourth, but the Shocks held on.

                              Still far too many turnovers (twenty), some caused by a press itself, some caused by careless play against the press. There were some BB-IQ issues again.

                              We face-guarded one of the Tulane players for much of the second half, playing a 2-2 zone (I think) with the rest of the team. This allowed a 6' 2" post player to roam around and get a few cheap baskets

                              Basically, we had Rangie and Angiee and Diamond and they didn't. When they were not in the game was when things would get a little dicey.


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                                1972Shocker commented
                                Editing a comment
                                Nothing wrong with that report. Thanks.

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                              Shockers close out their regular season tonight against Tulsa with a chance to finish 9-7 in the AAC and pick up 3 points in the Havoc in the Hearland series.

                              If the Shocks can beat Tulsa they will tie the loser of tonights Houston at Cincinnati game for 5th places in the AAC. In either case the Shocks would lose the tiebreaker and be the 6th seed in the AAC Tournament.

                              If the Shocks lose to Tulsa and ECU loses at UCF tonight then the Shocks will finish sole possession of 6th place and the #6 seed in the AAC Tournament.

                              If the Shocks lose to Tulsa and ECU upsets UCF in Orlando tonight then the Shocks will finish in a tie for 6th with ECU with ECU holding the tiebreaker and the Shocks would be the 7th seed in the AAC Tournament.

                              Tonight's game will be broadcast on the American Digital Network at 7:00 pm

                              WICHITA, Kan. - Wichita State concludes the 2017-18 regular season with a trip to Tulsa, Okla., to face the Golden Hurricane for Havoc in the Heartland Monday night at 7 p.m. on the American Digital Network.