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  • NJCAA Tournament

    I thought we could keep our NJCAA tourney discussion in one topic.

    Official Site

    Tournament Bracket


    Itwamba CC (Anthony Brock) plays at 1pm, Wed. March 19.

    If Chipola makes it, they will play the Region 6 (Kansas) champ at 8:30pm Tues, March 18. This will be the showcase game for the 1st round and probably well-attended, especially if Hutch makes it. I don't know what the demand for tickets will be like.

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    BTW: Chipola will be on TV tonight (along with the entire Florida State juco tournament) at the link below

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      Not sure if this is posted elsewhere...but there will also be some good basketball played this weekend at Koch Arena for the Region VI Tournament. Here's the bracket. I'll be there most of the day Sunday.


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        What time is Chipola's game tonight?


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          I'm watching the game. Hannah started, played a minute or two and hasn't been back in that I've seen. I'm guessing the game is about 9 minutes old.

          If Chipola wins they have to play Oskaloosa-Walton tomorrow night.

          Just heard Hannah is back in and he promptly fouled.


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            I have yet to see Hannah play any at the point. Vernon Teel and Malik Alvin are the PGs. Clevin appears to be playing SG.

            He just made a nice cross-over and drained a long 2.

            Next time down he badly missed a long 3.


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              Is Chipola really beating them that badly at the half? 53-32?


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                Yes. At one point it was like 36-12. IRCC got it back to the low teens then Chipola stretched it back out.


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                  You are right he is not playing the point and hasn't excited me very much. I can see why we are still recruiting point guards, however, may be one of those games, however, he hasn't scored much lately in their games


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                    The other two point guards REALLY like to dribble-pentetrate right away and either take it all the way or dish off to a post man or swing man. So when Clevin is on the floor as a SG he gets very few touches.

                    What little I have seen him handle the ball, he looks pretty good.

                    It looks to me like there are a lot of selfish players on Chipola. Hannah is the only guy I see making the extra pass. The other players will drive or shoot if there is even a hint of room. Hannah doesn't play like that, at least from what I've seen tonight.

                    His defense looks fairly decent. He's definitely quick enough to play pressure D.


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                      Clevin got a guy in the air and drew a foul. Knocked down both FTs.

                      A couple of posessions later hit a nice baseline trey.

                      7 points so far.

                      Hannah got a layup on the break.

                      9 points.

                      It's pretty obvious to me tha Clevin plays more disciplined game than his teammates.


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                        Why was Clevin shifted to the 2, when he started the season, and played well at the 1? And how did Mario Little do in the game? And Flowers?

                        Chipola won? right?


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                          I'm watching the second half. Chipola is up by 29 with 8 mins.

                          Chipola has played Okaloosa-Walton three times already, beating them twice.

                          Hard to follow how everyone is doing. Slipenchuck is playing pretty well. Hannah is playing well. Team player. Dishing, but not getting ball back.

                          Haven't seen Flowers, and only seen Little a couple times.


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                            Flowers looked agressive in the first half and finished on a couple of nice plays, including a dunk. After the dunk he got T'd up for making a show of it.

                            As the game wore on it seemed like Chipola's guards (Teel, Alvin, and #33) took over, minimizing the impact of their bigger guys.

                            I didn't see much from Little.


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                              Were you as impressed with Slipemchuck as I was? He seemed to handle the pressure well, and was quicker than I thought he would be. Shot very well, and stayed in front of his guy on defense pretty well, although he did get beat once pretty bad.

                              I only saw from about 3 left in first half til about 5 left in 2nd half before I lost the feed.