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APP State Pre-Game Thread

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  • APP State Pre-Game Thread

    Predictions - lets go get a third win in a row...


    Post Game

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    How about not wasting Topic space with three threads pertaining to the App game. Get a clue you freakin' dumber!


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      KC Shox - I did not know that space on shockernet was so rare... it must be like kansas beach front property

      it is a good concept you should look at some other boards


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        No how about one thread for all predictions in game and post game.

        Sure thats a lot of pages to go through but alot easier than this


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          KC - nice Christmas look! Keep up the fine avatars 8) osterwu:
          I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass ... and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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            is anyone gonna talk about the game in here?


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              Shockers by 8, lead by griski's three - three pointers.


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                Originally posted by kcshocker11
                KC - nice Christmas look! Keep up the fine avatars 8) osterwu:
                I take requests


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                  hmmm... lets see.

                  WSU wins 70-68

                  mantas makes his first 3 pointer
                  matt has 4 assists and 4 turnovers.
                  Phil scores 11.
                  Gal makes three 3s
                  Cooz has 3 steals.
                  aaron ellis plays 10 mins.
                  ramon gets a technical.... no, he pisses some oppenent off and they get a technical.
                  App st. shoots a 3 in the final seconds, but it's a little long and then they lose.

                  I'm done.
                  veni, vidi, vici


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                    Shox win 153-7. Cooz leads all with 68 points and 27 boards. Matty B dishes out 34 assists. It was a great game.
                    "You can observe a lot just by watching."
                    -- Yogi Berra


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                      Originally posted by BA2929
                      Shox win 153-7. Cooz leads all with 68 points and 27 boards. Matty B dishes out 34 assists. It was a great game.
                      Just a great game?


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                        Payback for last year - SHOCKS WIN 75 - 67


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                          ASU is 3-2 going into their home opener vs Davidson tonight.

                          They have wins over Lipscomb, Middle Tennessee and Campbell. Losses were to Charlotte and San Jose State. Other than the 81-58 win over Lipscomb all games were settled by 7 or fewer points.

                          ASU lost all three guards that started in ASU's 60-58 win over the Shocks last year in Wichita. However, Donte Minter who led ASU with 19 points in last year's game does return.

                          ASU Starting Five:
                          Donte Minter 6'8" 250 Sr 11.4 PPG and 5.6 RPG
                          Jeremy Clayton 6'7" 230 Sr 8.2 PPG and 7.0 RPG
                          Eduardo Bermudez 6'3" 190 Jr 10.2 PPG and 3.4 RPG
                          Kellen Brand 6'1" 190 So 15.2 PPG and 2.0 RPG
                          Ryann Abraham 5'10" 175 So 7.8 PPG and 1.4 RPG

                          Principal Reserves (In Order of Minutes Played):
                          Doug McLaughlin-Williams (20.0 MPG) 6'8" 220 Sr 5.8 PPG and 3.4 RPG
                          Donald Sims (19.2 MPG) 6'1" 170 Fr 9.6 PPG and 1.0 RPG
                          Davis Bowne (18.4 MPG) 6'8" 235 Sr 3.6 PPG and 3.8 RPG
                          Isaac Butts (6.8 MPG) 6'10" 295 Fr 2.4 PPG and 2.6 RPG

                          ASU is scoring an average of 75.2 PPG with what appears to be a fairly balanced scoring attack lead by Kellen Brand at 15.2 PPG.

                          Shocks are averaging only 61.6 PPG but did get 75 vs Wyoming in their best offensive showing of the year. Hopefully, that's and indication the Shocks feel for and confidence in HCGM's offense is improving greatly.

                          ASU has turned the ball over 93 times in 5 games (18.6/Game) vs 71 turnovers (14.2/Game) for the Shocks in the same number of games. Perhaps their games have been a little higher possession on average, but hopefully the Shocks aggressive D will lead to some turnovers and hopefully some transition baskets.

                          Leading scorer Brand has been averaging 34 MPG. My guess is we will start the game with PJ matched up with Brand.

                          Gal should be able to match up with Bermudez and Matt matches up well with Abraham.

                          Phil and JT should match up with Minter and his backups while Ramon and Mantas should be able to match up with Clayton and his Subs.

                          Aaron Ellis only played 8 minutes against Wyoming but I think he could be a wild card against ASU. He could present match up problems for ASU if they stay small and he can be valuable if they decide to go big.

                          Wendell should also gets some good minutes in helping the Shocks mix and match against ASU guards and to give our starters a breather when needed.

                          Teams seem to match up pretty well, but I think the Shocks will continue to improve offensively and they take this game 73 - 67.



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                            Sean Ogirri was the only Shocker to reach double figures in last year's BB game vs ASU. He was 4-8 (all treys) and scored 12 points.

                            PJ had 9 and Ryan Martin had 9.

                            Other than Sean the Shocks were only 14-41 from the field (34%).

                            Kyle Wilson had on of his poorer games shooting only 1-8 from the field and Matt was on 2-8.

                            I don't expect the Shockers to repeat that performance.


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                              Originally posted by 1972Shocker
                              Other than Sean the Shocks were only 14-14 from the field (34%).
                              I think that's a little higher than 34%, more like 100%

                              j/k :rofl: