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Ron Baker was a Knick, and now is a Wizard!

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  • Originally posted by Shox The Revenant View Post
    To stay in the league, Ron is going to need to develop a 40 percent three point shot, it's that simple.
    You are probably right....With his defensive capabilities, maybe even a mid 30's shooter could be efficient for some teams.

    Not saying he is as good as Marcus Smart, but Smart has carved out a nice niche in the league by being a defensive lockdown defender while shooting about 33% from 3.

    It is also too bad that he landed with the Knicks and Wizards...two of the most dysfunctional organizations in pro sports. Can you imagine having to play with Carmello??? yuuucckkk Would of loved to see him in a stable organization like the Spurs or Mavs


    • Interesting. Great time to maybe hang around the guys and show off a little Shocker aura to the young fella's.
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      • Maybe he can perk up ES. It seems like his shooting slump has affected his confidence (ES) and Ron is off in his own slump.


        • Yep Baker doesn’t need to shoot 40%. Just better than 27%