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North Texax Challenge

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  • North Texax Challenge

    The Shocks finish of the 4th and final weekend of preseason matches away from home with a trip to North Texas where they will play Stephen F. Austin (10-2) on Friday at 11:00 am, host North Texas on Friday evening at 6:00 pm and #14 Cal Poly (7-1), who is coming off back-to-back wins over then #9 UCLA, on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

    The Cal Poly match perhaps presents the Shocks with their last and best shot at a signature win heading into AAC play.

    First things first however. The SFA match could be challenging. It's a little hard to get a handle on SFA because they have not played a real strong schedule but they have won 10-12.

    Shocks definitely need to go 2-1 this weekend. 3-0 would position them very well heading into AAC play.

    Shocker Tournament Notes

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    Nice background piece on Megan Taflinger by Sully.


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      Taylor Eldridge contributes a very nice backgroun piece on Regan Stiawalt.

      Looks to me like Paul and Taylor have a nice tag team going on here.


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        Tiny gym. Balls into the ceiling will be a common theme. Lots of green. Zero parking. Good 80s tunes.


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          In his pre-game comments Lambo said SFA is a very mature, disciplined team that will not give you anything. He said SFA always seems to get a great 1st ball swing, something he can't say about his team. He said they have played a number of teams this year that have their best team ever and SFA would seem to be another one of those.


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            Watching warm ups we should be successful.


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              Shockers v Stephen F Austin

              Pre-match comments

              Mike: Five teams here, but only three opponents for the Shocks. They do not play Mississippi State.

              Lambo: SFA is mature and disciplined. They hit the ball hard on their first swings.
              Rather than emphasizing lowering the high error rate (it has come down some), practice this week emphasized moving the dig % from bad to good. He again mentioned Tabitha and Alex being asked to be six-row players for the first time.
              Brooke has been cleared to play, but they are in a wait-and-see mode.

              Mike: SFA is in the Top Ninety in all six major statistical categories.


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                Set One

                Kora and Kali are the setters with Kora starting. Kara starts as a DS.

                LiveStats are up but not functioning.

                Not running at 3-3.


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                  At 6-7, SFA is hitting zero and the Shocks are still negative.

                  11-10 is the first Shocker lead since 5-4.

                  12-14 and the Shockers take a TO.
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                    14-14, then 16-18, then 18-18, then 18-20 and the Shocks take their second TO.


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                      Geez this is bad. Give SFA credit for extremely tough serving so far.


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                        19-24 moves to 21-24 and SFA takes a TO.

                        21-25 and the Lady Jacks take Set One.

                        .156 v. 276


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                          I have to tax my brain to remember a Shocker team being that bad. Let’s go ladies!


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                            Set Two

                            Oops, have to be away for a bit.

                            24-26 and the Shocks fall behind 0-2.

                            .286 v .386
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                              Shocks fall behind 0-2 losing Set 2 24-26. Doesn't sound too good. What is sounds like is a team that serves tough and doesn't make many errors vs a team that doesn't serve real tough and does make quite a few errors. Some of that is a veteran team taking advantage of an inexperienced team.