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  • Ken Bowman

    Bowman is a 6'9" soph. F/C at Hutch CC. I don't have any evidence that we are recruiting him, other than it's been reported that one or more Hutch players have attended a game at Koch. Since Bobby Maze is already committed to Maryland, Bowman is the next logical target.

    Bowman is a pre-season juco AA.

    He had 17 pts and 19 rebounds against Pratt last night.

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    This question is mainly for Sub but with Arbry's departure would a Juco big man be logical?

    Ill take a 6'9 guy in the paint but after this year our post looks like

    *in no particular order*

    2 of those guys will be seniors while the latter 2 are underclassmen.

    Hell I dont know at this point haha


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      My opinion is that bringing in someone like Bowman would be a stop-gap at the center position. And I think it depends a lot on what happens with Orukpe. If EO gets here, he and Stutz can develop together, sharing time at the 5.

      We haven't had an update on EO since just before New Years. Who wants to call the coach's show Monday and ask?


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        Mike said last night there's nothing new on the story.


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          I'm always cautious about bringing in JUCOs unless it's to fill holes. I could see where we might bring in a JUCO big.

          JT has been up and down due to effort. So who knows how that'll play out. He'll either get it and play or not.

          Mantas I think can still play SF and could possibly be more valuable there but still be able to play in the post if needed. But he'd be a SR.

          So back to the youngsters. Garrett and Ehimen would be fine at C if Ehimen shows up. If they don't think he'll be here then bringing in a big that can play right away would be smart. If he is expected to get here, it depends on what is expected of JT. Having a big PF to go along with Ramon could be good. Then he'd give a SR presence the next year to go along with a FR (I'd guess we'd have one in that class)

          I could see it going either way but I think a lot of it comes down to JT and Ehimen and what is expected to happen.
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            If Juco AA = Mantas and Clemente level players, I'll pass.
            Wichita State, home of the All-Americans.


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              Hey, Ramon's pretty damn good. He's consistent


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                Juco players that turn into anything above average at the D1 level are rare. Most, IMO will be like Ryan Martin and Clemente. A good Juco can average 8-10 points and grab some rebounds (or assists if a guard)...but don't look for them to average 15+ a game. Like Royal said...they should only be used for a temporary stop-gap.

                How many Juco players have we had come in the past 5-10 years that have made a huge impact? The biggest one I can think of was Aaron Hogg. I think he averaged 12 points per game.


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                  Fridge Holman and CC McFall also come to mind as impact juco players.

                  But you are right. Since attending prep school became so chic, juco ball has dropped off.

                  I remember in high school (80s) it seemed like every year Hutch had one or two players that would go on and impact a high-level D1 team. Ah, those were the days!


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                    Not to go too far off topic, but I was just recalling some of those Hutch players:

                    Todd Christian (OSU?)
                    Steve Fritz (KSU)
                    Tyrone Jones (OU?)
                    Willie Davis (OU)
                    Maurice Brittain (Georgia Tech)
                    Shaun Vandiver (Colorado)
                    Sean Alvarado (backup C at KU, should have went to the MVC and dominated)
                    Pooh Hairston (Purdue)


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                      Yeah Royal...I used to be a big fan of the area Juco game. It has definitely lost its luster over the past few years. I used to love the old Hutch/Butler battles.

                      One of my favorites was Craig Duerksen.



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                        When Smithson came in, he brought Hankton and Rhodes with him. I'd take a couple of jucos that played that hard any day.


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                          It appears Kentucky is looking at Bowman (according the their msg board). I've also heard Maryland's name mentioned (probably due to Maze).

                          On Rivals his list of interested schools include: KU, KSU, St. Johns, UNLV, Wash St.


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                            Taj Gray was a JC Player. I would definitly take another Taj Gray.

                            I don't think that we've seen the best of Ramon or Mantas yet either


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                              While I love the effort and never-say-die attitude, Ramon is limited at 6'5-and-a-half (CGM quoted).