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  • Originally posted by 60Shock View Post
    Until we actually see a change from years past where the selection committee has played games with us, I'm going with the old standby - Screwed Again.
    Without a doubt.

    Last year finishing 20 & 22 in the polls got us a 10 seed. The power 5 will get the benefit of the doubt, disregarding metrics, when making the hard choices.


    • Originally posted by WuShock16 View Post
      I don't want to be greedy...and I just hope the team can simply take things one game at a time...but what seed would be deserved with a 28-5 record that includes THREE wins against Cincinnati?
      A 2 seed with that record and resume. A fer sure if we were talking about a P5 school. The bias however...probably a 4 or 5 for our Shockers.
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      • Below is how we currently stack up next to the 8 teams (2 seed lines) in front and behind us on Bracket Matrix. Data was taken from
        OSU TEN. Ariz. OU WVU GU RI TAMU WSU Flor. UK CU Ariz St. Saint M. Miami Seton H. Ala.
        RPI 17 13 18 21 31 36 5 16 19 46 20 22 25 30 24 26 34
        SOS 31 13 42 18 38 126 40 4 51 32 6 44 66 129 73 23 11
        Q1 2-4 4-6 3-3 6-5 6-5 4-3 1-3 5-5 2-3 5-2 2-5 2-6 3-3 2-0 3-4 4-5 6-3
        Q2 6-0 5-0 6-3 2-3 5-1 2-1 5-0 4-2 7-1 5-5 7-3 6-1 5-2 2-2 3-1 2-1 3-5
        Q3 8-1 6-0 7-0 3-0 1-1 5-0 7-0 4-1 5-1 2-1 4-0 4-0 7-1 10-1 4-1 6-2 4-1
        Q4 6-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 7-0 12-0 7-0 4-0 5-0 5-0 4-0 6-0 4-0 10-0 8-0 5-0 3-0


        • ShockingButTrue
          ShockingButTrue commented
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          OK. So I see we're ranked higher in the RPI than OU, WVU, UK, A. State, Miami, Seton Hall, Gators and Bama. With the "possible" exception of Bama, if it comes down to making hard choices, they're obviously going to choose everyone of those teams from the power 5 before the Shockers in seeding. SOS trumps anything else and always will.

          Does anyone doubt that?

      • Quadrants: A slightly less ridiculous way to analyze one's performance against random subgroups of a rating system instead of simply using the rating system itself.


        • Originally posted by Cdizzle View Post
          Quadrants: A slightly less ridiculous way to analyze one's performance against random subgroups of a rating system instead of simply using the rating system itself.
          That’s a really great point that should get repeated more.
          Deuces Valley.
          ... No really, deuces.
          "Enjoy the ride."

          - a smart man


          • Cdizzle
            Cdizzle commented
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            I've beat that drum for years to no avail. Seems to not make much sense to other people. So it goes. There are counter-arguments, but they break down pretty quickly.

        • Actually, the more I think about it, I would love to see us play Kentucky. It's time we kicked their ass.


          • I'm pretty sure I learned about this website here last year. I haven't seen it mentioned lately. It shows our most likely seed as a 4 based on thousands of simulations each day of remaining games. I only wish that was true. Unfortunately, I think there is way too much P5 politics at play. Even so, it's interesting to follow. Our seed has steadily risen the past couple weeks.
            Wichita St. Shockers team page with results, picks, power rankings, odds and stats.


            • Joe Lunardi moves WSU up to a 5-seed in the latest bracket. Facing Chris Jans in San Diego.



              • Great sense of irony, Joe... GGG placed in SanDiego along with TWO of his fine former assistants.


                • I’m totally expecting the NCAA to match GG against Jans, to get rid of a dangerous non-P5 and for the storyline.


                  • Two dangerous non-p5s by the look of things.


                    • jdshock
                      jdshock commented
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                      I actually think that's what he meant. By definition, one dangerous team would be out since one of the two would be out after the first round.

                  • Will be interesting to see how serious they are about the Quadrants thing (I have a guess). Because right now, WSU is on par with the 2-3 seeds.

                    Duke: 10-5
                    WSU: 12-4


                    • Jamar Howard 4 President
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                      and with losses to St. John's, NC State, and BC, Duke doesn't have the excuse that all their losses have been to heavyweights.

                  • Marquette & Notre Dame's wins this weekend pretty much lock up Q2 status. Marquette still 10-15% chance of upgrading to Q1.
                    Houston's win all but locks in their game at Koch as Q1.
                    Baylor's recent rampage has all but locked up their game as Q1.
                    OSU's chances to become Q1 are pretty much gone, but their Q2 status is still very safe.

                    OU falling to Q2 is about the only disappointment recently, and they still have time to move back to Q1 with some very winnable games down the stretch.


                    • GreatWhiteBuffalo
                      GreatWhiteBuffalo commented
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                      Oklahoma is a bad basketball team right now. Too bad they shot the lights out and actually played some semblance of D against the Shocks. Play them right now and WSU wins by 10+.

                  • KenPom projections have us losing at home to Cincy with 47% odds to win. Guess the MOV plus 2x home court differential doesn't compute in their eyes!

                    Realtime has us losing at UCF and home vs Cincy.

                    Sagarin predictor had WSU over Cincy by 0.25.
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                    • ESPN showing KU as a one this morning. Horseshit!