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    So what's gonna be different this year other than NO REALISTIC predictions of Final 4 and National Championship and perhaps a very questionable hope of getting to the NCAAT?

    We will still cheer and pull for the team - scream at and cuss the Refs - moan that the fans don't yell loud enough - and fart and scratch our asses.


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      Originally posted by wufan View Post
      Not to rain on the parade, but if we only win 19 games next year, is everyone gonna bail? I look forward to next year and many more years with Marshall at the helm, but my expectations are tampered.
      If we only win 19 games next year, SN will be absolutely buried in "I told you so" type posts from mostly people who joined SN just to post "I told you so" types of posts.

      With an almost complete turnover in the roster, winning 19 games would certainly not be a disappointment to me. As long as there is hope that all the young guys next year appear ready to challenge for league titles in the next several years, I will remain optimistic about the future of Shocker basketball.
      The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
      We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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        As long as they play defense and give 110% every game, I don’t care if they are a 14 win team. I just want to see them hustle.