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Why we feel sorry for Creighton.

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  • Why we feel sorry for Creighton.

    They have very little tradition except for their mid-major "success" (a bevy of one-and-dones) during the mid-major age.

    They have a very small truly committed fan-base (The Nebraska fans will bolt at the first sign of a downturn).

    They play in a rented facility shared by the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

    When scheduling home games they have to contact the American Motocross Association to see what nights are already taken.

    They play a strong second-fiddle to anything CornHusker in Omaha media.

    They have a tiny, traditional, undergraduate enrollment.

    They think soccer is cool and they put what little money they had towards building a soccer stadium.

    They answer to the Pope.

    They play in an environment akin to a gentle, bubbling brook.

    They are destined to be mid-majors for life while we are only temporarily trapped under the label while the giant is being reawakened!

    This is the best job in the Valley, and by sheer prestige and tradition Wichita State will remain a force to be reckoned with. With the right coach, Wichita State could become the next Gonzaga.

    April 24, 2007
    By Gregg Doyel
    CBS National Columnist
    Wichita State is really a major program in a mid-major conference". -Mark Turgeon
    "Every facility has its pluses and minuses, I would take the noise and atmosphere of Wichita State over this (Qwest Center).." -Creighton University A.D. Bruce Rasmussen
    And for these and many other reasons...

    It's always a great day to be a Shocker!



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    Soccer is awesome


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      Soccer sucks.

      try, for a clear view of the stupid activity.

      The average soccer match attendance in Omaha trails bowling at Wichita State.
      Let's hope he can hit a D-1 Curve ball!

      "God gave us the ability to reason, not religion"


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        Soccer sucks and should be a sport only girls are allowed to play. I'm glad the majority of America believes this. I'd hate to see MLS become mainstream and taking up TV time that would be better suited to more baseball, football and basketball games.


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          I grew up with both of my parents they played soccer every day befause they were poor. (They're not from America). I respect your opinions and hopefully you'll respect mine.


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            I happen to like soccer a lot, it's probably my 3rd favorite sport, right after basketball and baseball. Seems to me that soccer is getting the tv coverage that it finally deserves. I mean right now, I think I'd almost rather watch a soccer match than watch a game and see our basketball team get beat again and again. lol


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              soccer still sucks.


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                love to hear the reasons why


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                  let me low scoring
                  it's boring, all they do is run and stop


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                    hotel paper, those people that say soccer sucks will never give a reason why. All they can say is that it sucks. But that's alright, everybody has a right to their own opinion.


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                      yes they do


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                        Man those points were so awesome. hahahha
                        "Coach Marshall,We will be at Creighton at least 15 hours in advance!"
                        CGM--->"Hell yea, and we'll beat their ass."


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                          I don't hate soccer. But I'd rather watch Basketball, Football, Baseball and Hockey.
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                            Soccer is the best game on the earth. Don't listen to the haters. They will just spew their regurgitated jim rome refrences about orange slices. It's their loss so dont even worry about it.


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                              Ill only watch Soccer if its the World Cup.

                              Outside of that ill pass..