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Wichita State at Houston Game Thread 1-8-22

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  • Originally posted by WuDrWu View Post
    Maybe? AG was an exceptional PG, and frankly, even that is an understatement.
    He was a good pg and would have helped this team if he would have been academically eligible. His decision making was a little lacking at times, particularly at the end of games when he would toss up a long 3 pointer. HCGM's last year our assist to turnover per game was 14.1 to 12.8. HCIB first year 13.0 to 11.2, likely due to Gilbert's pg play. This year it is 12.3 to 13.6. More turnovers per game than assists is a recipe for losses. Porter is good at 2 to 1. Tyson averages more to's than assists. Most on the team are just not disciplined ball handlers.
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    • Originally posted by Dan View Post
      “Back in the days when we had Hall, Baker, VV, Cotton and Wessel on the court” - and we complain about lack of size now. 6’6” post and 6’4” power forward. Those guys had grit but I remember lots of complaining about having to use Evan at the 4.
      Evan at the 4 is why he was forced to give up his scholarship