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  • Originally posted by boyshocker View Post
    Is Jeremy no longer with Downs?
    I have no idea because I don't listen, but he's went through quite a few prior.


    • Originally posted by JVShocker View Post
      I don't listen to radio. Like at all. It's been years I imagine. I don't even remember the last time I used the radio in the car - it may not even work anymore. I don't think we have a radio in the house. Anywhere. And I certainly have no interest in listening to people talk on the radio. Sounds too much like a commercial.

      Keep a USB drive in the car with THOUSANDS of songs on it at all times, and I can cycle between folders 70s, 80s, classical, country, new music, whatever I'm in the mood for, of it will randomly cycle between folders and mix it up between genres. All commercial free. At work, I either use a mp3 player with the same songs hooked up to speakers or headphones.
      Pirate Bay?


      • Originally posted by Shocker_Power View Post
        You're correct about the morning show on KGSO but, what is it about Doug Downs that he can't keep a co-host?
        Probably a combo of him and the ownership over there. Has he ever had a good co-host though?