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  • Matt

    Dear Matt,

    For 4 years you have given everything your heart, body and soul could possibly give to WSU. You have been to the proverbial mountain top. You are going to go down as perhaps the most beloved Shocker in recent memory, perhaps of all time. You are going to graduate and go on to be a huge success in whatever you want to do. You have a wonderful family, great friends and thousands upon thousands of adoring fans that love you like a brother or a son.

    For the love of God, please, call a stop to it. I begged you last season to hang it up. Everyone gets 1 "free" concussion. After that it becomes a crap shoot. You have so much to do, so much knowledge to give to others and so many lives you can affect in other ways, why take a chance on throwing it all away? You don't know how much of a leader you can be off the court. You can do just as much, if not more, being the man, the leader that you already are, on the sidelines.

    No one can question your heart, your passion or your willingness to put everything on the line for the betterment of the team. Now it's time to put Matt first. Please do what is best for Matt today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. I want to be able to celebrate your successes at WSU 30 years from now WITH you, not for you.


    WuDrWu and the thousands of WSU fans that love you

    osterwsu: osterwsu: osterwsu: osterwsu: osterwsu:

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    damn, ...............ok


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      Ditto's Matt


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        It's heartbreaking just to think about it. I'd love to see Matt be able to finish his career here leading the Shox on the court to victory in the Lou. To see him go into Omaha and Carbondale and finally pull out a victory. A little Johnny Drama maybe. But, concussions aren't to be taken lightly. They're not as common is this game as in others, but I believe this is three straight years now....... Whatevers best for Matt is best for everyone and if he is done I will be saddened but happy that he'll be fine and go on to coach champions. God bless you Matt. No matter what happens.
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          Sub said it very eloquently, and expresses my feelings also. Matt was so much a vital part of the Sweet Sixteen team, and I can still see his terrific shot against Creighton with 1.8 seconds left on the clock.

          Just get well, and do what is best for your overall health.


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            I'll always remember you as the 'spark plug'--the energy and heart of our team. As much as I'd love to see you play again, I agree with everyone else's sentiments here.

            I was very encouraged for Matt last night when I listened to the coach's show, and coach said something along the lines of "I hope to get Matt to become a part of my staff in the near future". Wouldn't that be great to see Matt on our sidelines helping out OUR team?

            As Doc and others have said--you have a LOT more to give. It's now time to consider changing the way you give it.

            Best of luck, you know we're behind you all the way Matt.


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              Well put WuDrWuu. The article in todays paper described the active roll his parents are playing. God bless them. It sure seems like Matt is listening to them.

              The fans endured an 11 game losing streak MT's first year. Not a pleasnt thought but everyone would ccertainly choose another loosing streak to taking any kind of risk with a players health. It's tough when a player has to make a decision like this but he's got another 50 or so years to live.


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                how about we let the experts (doctors) decide whether he should play or not. If they think its safe for him to play then let him play. I wouldnt jump to saying hang them up unless they say it is not safe health wise.


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                  I want Matt to do what is best for Matt. Hopefully in about 20 years or less it is leading his Skockers to a great season.


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                    How about: Do what the doctors tell you to do.


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                      Originally posted by Rosewood
                      How about: Do what the doctors tell you to do.
                      It is that simple.


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                        Originally posted by Maggie
                        Originally posted by Rosewood
                        How about: Do what the doctors tell you to do.
                        It is that simple.

                        I don't want to get into a pissing match about this, but no it is not.

                        Matt will score 100% on his test whether it's today, tomorrow, next week or next month. The point is that the NEXT concussion IS going to be more problematic.

                        We all know that he is going to listen to his family and the doctors. I simply don't want to see this outstanding young man needlessly risk his future at this point. The odds are stacking up against him with each injury. I'm simply saying that the risks far outweigh the benefits at this point.


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                          I agree with this. After reading about the very long term problems with multiple concussions, ie depression, suicides etc to some NFL players many years after they had "recovered" from a concussion, MB needs to decide if it is worth the risk. Can he wear a Shocker beanie or something to at least cushion his head next time he gets floored or is that illegal.


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                            Some of you have said what I think, It's time to quit playing basketball and start learning to coach from one of the best in the business GM. We apppreciate all you have done and you will always be a fan favorite. You got more out of your talent than I ever thought possible. It's time to think about the rest of your life and not just this season.


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                              I agree that this is a situation that you really need to look at your future.

                              It's up to Matt though in the end.