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    Okay, crash course lessons of last nights loss are in place. This team will be resilient and bag these Redbirds. Their win over Creighton at Omaha was more evidence that the Valley Race is up for grabs. This is not Omaha and we do not tolerate 2 Valley home losses in a row. We will ground these birds with an aggressive floor slapping defense.

    WSU----- 59
    oster_cooz: -------This will be our leader with at least 21 points.

    :whistle: RC will get a double-- double and out-play Sampay.
    Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.

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    Shox - 55

    Birds - 68

    I just hope we can keep it that close. I have my doubts.
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      Right now, I'd like to know from where the confidence in PJ is coming? This is someone thinking he was leaving for the NBA last year, and now, he's not even looking at 1st or 2nd team MVC. We're 1/3 of the way through the season, and he's not doing what he needs to do.


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        Even through these yellow glasses I found it incomprehensible that not one person predicted a loss facing DU.

        I have a feeling that it is going to get worse, potentially a lot worse, before it gets better now.

        We will not be favored in ANY of our next 6 games.

        Many of our problems last night are never going to be fixed with effort.

        Someone said they were disappointed in their own reaction last night. Well I didn't attack the team but the officials caught my wrath, and it felt like 1990-2000 all over again and it wasn't fun. The next few months may be historically painful.

        Not to be a debbie downer, but ISU is obviously playing well and with confidence. Their guards are going to give us FITS with their speed and talent. This is not going to be a good matchup for us. 73-55 bad guys. Hope I'm wrong.


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          Geez Doc!?


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            Kansas is Flat. The Earth is Not!!


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              We may have a S. N. trend here on predictions. The Shocks lost 2 gimme games. We play and beat LSU and most pick them to beat us here. Then we play a good UAB and beat them here at 21st and Hillside. Next, we get beat by an improved Drake team, but we should have beat them here. More then likely, this bunch will beat Drake there. No sweeps for Drake with us----TY very much. So is that how is going to be? Who is better? LSU, UAB, Or Illinois State?

              Sure, Illinois State is playing good. But this is the Valley of Death people. These Shocks will beat them by 7 or more!!!!!!! This is OUR YAD!!! We still have some Sweet 16 players here you know!!! Know about anybody playing on the Illinois State team that did that once or ever? It will be a sell-out. The basketball gods will likely be on our side. The ball will bounce our way. Are we really that bad of shooters??? I think NOT. These 3 Seniors of ours WILL prevail. Don't ask me to be realistic about these Shockers. Because if I was being realistic---we win our fair share at the Chuck and I plan on us winning this one too. It's about the the reckoning. I am feeling this in my ole bones. BirdsRed? Sampay? X-KU Coach? Eye of the tiger? Need I say more? Okay---Case closed!!!
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              Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                7777777 bump
                Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                  Sadly, unless we get some more consistent shooting overall then the shox lose this one, but I think they will be in it like last night.

                  Birds 66
                  Shox 59

                  late free throws extend the margin


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                    The only way the Shox are going to have a chance is to stop guard penetration (Boo Richardson killed Creighton on this) and the dump to the post and kick out for a 3 (namely to Dyer). I don't see how our big men are going to step out and test Dyer. If I remember right from last you at Koch, Dyer killed us from three point country.

                    Who is going to guard Boo? In watching the Creighton game, I could not believe how fast this guy is. We do not have a player that is as fast as this guy.


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                      I do think we will do a decent job guarding Dyer. For the most part we have defended the other team's "dagger" pretty darned well so far this season.

                      I just feel they have too many offensive weapons for us to match up against for 40 minutes. And their guards are going to give us fits, as I said before.


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                        Creighton is very guard heavy this year. They were given fits by the Redbirds.


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                          Hello Shox fans, it's that time again for our 2 teams to engage in another tough battle.

                          Im not sure how to pick this one as it could go either way. (I said the same thing about our game @ CU.) While that certainly was a great win for us, we know we have our work more than cut out for us coming to the Roundhouse. Plus, we have the added bonus of having to deal with a pissed off Shocker team coming off a tough loss. It will be a great test to see how our guys can handle that. Yes we have confidence right now, but we know we're in for a bigtime fight.

                          If history is any indication, then I think we're in for another tough game between our teams. We'll see how it shakes out. Looking forward to the game, best of luck to both teams and heres to another hardfought, close, tough contest between the Shox and the 'Birds.
                          I am a diehard Illinois State Redbird fan first, and an MVC supporter, diplomat, and ambassador of good will second.


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                            Just finished watching the ISU-Jays tape. ISU a lot, WSU much less.

                            Our only hope is to play inspired in a similar fashion to the LSU game.

                            Coach, hook up the link to SC and have Xman give the pre-game motivational speech.


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                              As I've said before... this isn't going to be 'our' season (meaning Valley titles or post season aspirations). The best will come later. However, it would also be foolish to count them out completely. In my opinion they're still going to have some good games and could upset some favorite teams yet this season. Personally, I'll be suprised if we don't come out of the season with a +.500 record for sure. Why do I feel this way--DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. It's been pretty solid with the exception of a couple of silly layups being allowed last night.

                              I agree with people who have said that they think Gregg Marshall hates to lose. From everything I've seen and read (I remember him saying after the UMKC game he didn't sleep hardly a wink until after the LSU game). One thing is for sure--I doubt he will give up on them EVER, even if he sounds deflated and 'down'. It doesn't seem to be in his nature.

                              When I see losses like last night , I just keep thinking about the 7-foot, inside game potential of seasons to come.

                              The future is bright even if the present is a little more cloudy.

                              Oh.... prediction: I am going to go out on a limb and say Ill. State will win--but it won't be by much (less than 10). This team plays too good of defense normally to be blown out by anyone. I think Ill. State caught Creighton off guard or on a bad night, but we'll see on Tuesday.