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Wichita State (#23) vs Memphis (#21) Game Thread

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  • Originally posted by 1979Shocker View Post
    I don't know if this intro video from January 9th has been posted anywhere else on ShockerNet.

    Believe they made an error listing only 9 All-Americans... I’ll have to do some research, but I believe we’ve had 10. RIP Ross.

    "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


    • Originally posted by Aargh View Post
      I have commitments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so I'm not able to watch the Shox live or participate in the in-game discussions.

      It approaches disgusting to read the in-game comments that are incredibly negative to Shox players when the Shox are in the process of beating a top-25 team..

      There's something like 4 pages of posts about how bad Burton is, when he turns out to be the player of the game. There are several pages worth of posts on how bad Midtgaard is, when he's the only option left after Echenique and Udeze both have 2 fouls in the first half.

      There are several pages worth of posts about how the Shox have no offense and repeated bad possessions.

      All this was going on when the Shox were basically manhandling a top-25 team. If the Shox had overcome 1/2 - or even 1/4 - of the things they were criticized for in this thread, they would have blown out a top-25 team by 30 points.

      I can handle fan disappointment at not realizing unrealistic fan expectations. I have a little more problem handling fan criticism when the Shox are beating a top-25 team. Top-25 teams are in that category because they are able to make your team look bad. When your team looks better than that team is not a time to criticize your team's players.
      I vote sticky. I know it can't be done, but I vote it.


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        • Originally posted by WuShock Reaper View Post
          Who wants to tell Penny it wasn’t because they were sick?


          • Originally posted by WuShock Reaper View Post
            Well Penny, maybe he shouldn’t have been playing.
            Deuces Valley.
            ... No really, deuces.
            "Enjoy the ride."

            - a smart man


            • Lotta people tired when they play WSU.

              Lotta people 'just miss shots' too.

              Everyday, it sounds more like 2014, and I love it.


              • BOO ****ING HOO