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2019-20 schedule?

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  • 2019-20 schedule?

    I couldn't find a thread re next year's schedule.

    What do we know?

    -UT Martin at WSU, Nov 16
    -Gardner-Webb at WSU, Nov. 19
    -WSU vs South Carolina in Cancun, Nov 26, 5 p.m. CT
    -vs UNI or West Vriginia, Nov. 27
    - at Oklahoma State, Dec. 8 (first of 4-game series)
    -OU at Intrust
    -VCU at home

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    Did the Baylor series end?
    "It's amazing to watch Ron slide into that open area, Fred will find him and it's straight cash homie."--HCGM


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      Originally posted by Rocky Mountain Shock View Post
      Did the Baylor series end?
      Yes. I think one or both coaches had comments about continuing it but I don' t think anything is finalized.


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        VCU on Sat December 21

        If we are keeping the Intrust game on a Saturday, I think by default, that would put the OU game on December 14


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          Seems like there is room for one more big name opponent. Probably on a neutral court.

          VCU is probably the only lock on that schedule to be a Top 50 opponent. OU, Okie State, South Carolina, West Virginia will have a chance so we'll need some luck.


          • choida
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            OU will be better then they were this year...

          • ShockTalk
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            Aren't 5 of 8 of OU's top minutes/points seniors including their leading scorer and 2nd best rebounder?

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          But they have AUSTIN!!!!!☺️☺️☺️


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          Posted this last year, we will see if there is any legs to this in the next few months.

          Group of 5 Scheduling Alliance
          AAC: NET Ranking 6th, # of teams in the top 100 = 10
          MAC: NET Ranking 9th, # of teams in the top 100 = 2
          MWC: NET Ranking 12th, # of teams in the top 100 = 3
          C-USA: NET Ranking 13th, # of teams in the top 100 = 0
          Sun Belt: NET Ranking 17th, # of teams in the top 100 = 0

          Top 15 teams by 2018-19 NET Ranking:
          #6 - Houston
          #18 - Buffalo (MAC)
          #24 - Cincinnati
          #26 - Central Florida
          #27 - Nevada (MWC)
          #31 - Utah State (MWC)
          #48 - Memphis
          #57 - Temple
          #63 - Wichita State
          #67 - Toledo (MAC)
          #82 - Fresno State (MWC)
          #83 - South Florida
          #91 - UConn
          #93 - Tulsa
          #94 - SMU

          Here is who played who in 2018-19 (does not include holiday tournaments).

          3 - Wichita State: Rice, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss (all in the C-USA)
          3 - South Florida: Charlotte (C-USA), Ohio (MAC), App State (Sun Belt)
          2 - Houston: Rice (C-USA), Utah State (MWC)
          2 - Central Florida: Florida Atlantic (C-USA), Georgia Southern (Sun Belt)
          2 - Memphis: UAB (C-USA), Little Rock (Sun Belt)
          2 - East Carolina: Charlotte (C-USA), App State (Sun Belt)
          2 - Tulsa: Arlington, Little Rock (both in the Sun Belt)
          1 - Cincinnati: UNLV (MWC)
          1 - SMU: Southern Miss (C-USA)
          1 - Tulane: South Alabama (Sun Belt)
          0 - Connecticut: None
          0 - Temple: None
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          • 1979Shocker
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            We also played App State.

          • Steeleshocker
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            Not including holiday tournaments

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          Originally posted by molly jabali View Post
          But they have AUSTIN!!!!!☺️☺️☺️


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          Good sized, fast growing state capital city in Texas -- I think Jhook said he lives there, and it's #1 on the latest US News list of top places to live in the US. (By the way, Fayetteville AR was #4 in the same US News Top 10, which may have helped them lure Eric Musselman. Maybe he keeps up with such lists.)


          • asiseeit
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            Biggest progressive indoctrination center not located on one of the coasts - if your
            a Democrat you would probably love it there

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          Gardner Webb is coming to the roundhouse


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            "Ten non-conference games for K-State to schedule" - 247 Sports

            By RILEY GATES
            May 18, 10:00 AM


            "...There are really plenty of connections out there in the college basketball world with both K-State and Bruce Weber’s staff. Frankly, a lot of games that would be a lot of fun for fans to either watch on TV or attend, whether at home or on the road. Here are ten non-conference match-ups that GoPowercat would like to see show up on K-State’s schedule in the next few years.

            (Disclaimer: These are simply just opinions from our staff, not to be misinterpreted with any sort of reporting on the schedule.)...

            10. WICHITA STATE:

            This one seems like the most obvious answer on the list, right? It’s been a topic of discussion for years that K-State and KU should both throw the Shockers on their non-conference schedule and make for a rather interesting in-state rivalry that could last for years to come.

            In the past, there was nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing Gregg Marshall and Wichita State. But the Shockers have really established themselves as a strong program and could bolster a non-conference strength of schedule in any season."


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              Dear Riiley Gates and your staff at : Fu@k you and eat sht and die. Go shocks.


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                There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing K-State.


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                  Put me on the list for those who want to lace-m-up and kick some in-state ass. Every time I hear about the Sunflower Showdown, it just pissed me off.


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                    It's just straight up dumb that those 2 schools don't play Wichita. I've never understood it. The only thing that does make sense is the fact that the administrators at both Silo and Chicken U are to afraid of being butthurt and possibly losing a couple hundred local Kansas kids every year that would rather decide to take their college tuition money to Wichita St. instead of Silo or Chicken U.

                    I mean that's gotta be it right? They think they might lose on some enrollment numbers by losing to the Shockers??? Big whoop! Every other state schools across the country seem to play each other.
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                    AP Poll History of Wichita State:
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