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President Bardo Passes Away

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    Great man. RIP.


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      Sorry to learn of this. What a great ambassador for Wichita St. he was.
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        Sad time all around. Terrible time for his family and loved ones; 70 isn’t really that old anymore. Sort of came out of nowhere for the general public.

        Most visionary WSU pres in my lifetime, and it’s not close. Majority have been placeholders who treated it like a neat little part time, temporary gig to close out their careers immediately before retirement. Not to say they were terrible people, just that they did NOTHING to further the school. I went to WSU during the Beggs tenure. Nice guy by all accounts. Now quick, without using google or a crutch to help you, tell me the biggest thing that happened during the Beggs tenure? Set your timer for 10 minutes and... if you say “well, I suppose his AD hired Marshall” as your final and lone answer then you’re not alone.

        Unknown waters for WSU because it feels like the KBOR accidentally goofed by allowing us to have such a go-getter, non-s***-taker, and non-traditional academic in charge in the first place at little ol’ know-your-place WSU. Couple that with the reverse hard-on most academics (and also therefore possible replacements) have for the sort of stuff Bardo advocated for, and we could end up with a momentum-killing nincompoop at the helm that goes all frozen Luke Skywalker on our alma mater. The slow death of schools like SIU is the model for these folks, and it is a real concern in the current environment that we don’t hire in that mold.

        Somewhat inappropriate rant over.
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          Well said

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          I think you meant "frozen Han Solo," but well said anyway, SV. Bardo was indeed cut from a different cloth, a much stronger yet still very fine material -- heavyweight silk rather than polyester knit, maybe -- and he will be missed.

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        RIP, Pres.

        This guy had it. Let's hope we continue with his vision and fire with the next president.
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        "Enjoy the ride."

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          When Dr Bardo was hired a good friend of mine said his brorher was a professor at the university Dr Bardo was leaving. His brother told him “Dr Bardo will drag WSU into the 21st century whether it wants to go or not”. Mission started, now need people with vision to finish. Thank you Dr Bardo for making my University greater than I dreamed it could be.


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            A true visionary that will be sorely missed.
            Go Shocks!


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              The Innovation Campus did a lot for the city, not just the university. The Innovation Campus is breathing life into a part of the community that was bordering on blight. All the new construction and the renewed vitality along 21st to the east is having a huge impact on that part of town.

              The campus looks better than it has as long as I've been around the campus.
              The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
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                Originally posted by ShockerDropOut View Post
                A true visionary that will be sorely missed.
                Apparently so. WSU was lucky to have him...he obviously cared a lot about Wichita and WSU.
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                  He did a great job! A great loss to the Shocker Nation!
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                    Very nice article in today's Wichita Eagle on Dr. Bardo and his accomplishments at Wichita State.

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                      Dr. Bardo, you were the epitome of a Shocker.

                      What a fitting quote...

                      "He concluded his testimony in the same way he ended many speeches.

                      “If you follow athletics, you will know that our mascot is unique — it is a Wheatshocker. This mascot reflects the institutional history where many students worked in the wheat fields that used to surround the university. That is how they paid for their education. Well, madam chairman, we have never forgotten our roots of serving the hard-working people of our region and state. And, as we like to say in our part of the world: It is a Great Day to be a Shocker!”"

                      "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"


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                        The rare visionary who also was an implementer to see things through. RIP and sincere thank you, Dr. Bardo.


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                          Also a package of stories here:

                          Timeline piece is especially amazing.
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                          Originally posted by Wuzee View Post
                          Also a package of stories here:

                          Timeline piece is especially amazing.
                          "“These are schools that are either like us now or like we want to be,” he told The Wichita Eagle in 2017. “This conference is saying we want to be on the map as a player. This is not, ‘Oh gosh, can we drive a bus over here?' It’s, ‘We want to be a player. We want to get to where people are afraid to play us.’”"

                          I love this quote


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                            The party's over folks. Someone like The Bardo comes around once every hundred years.

                            I post the following video not in humor but in utter sadness.