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  • Originally posted by ShockTalk View Post
    Lastly, if you haven't guessed, Ricky. He has played in all 30 games, averaged 16.4 minutes per game, is 3rd in assists, leads in assists per minute played, by far, has the best A/T ratio at 2.7/1, and averaged only 1 TO per game. That's really good when you consider that 13 of his 31 TOs came in just 2 games in the non-con. Maybe, more importantly, one should also consider the last play of our last game. HCGM took Jamarius out and put Ricky in. RT had the confidence of our coach to make the best decision, most accurate pass, at a critical time, without letting the ref count cause a turnover and he succeeded. Ricky may leave, but I feel it would be on his own choosing.
    +1 Ricky has Gregg's confidence. Yes he needs to shoot a lot better and yes his defense needs work. But he gets it at a level just below Fred, and that's elite. If guys could have caught the ball early in the season, that really strong A/TO of 2.7/1 would be over 3. STRONG.


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      Some of his passes this season have been off the charts, as in, "wow, that was sweet" and led to a nice assist. I was particularly fond of the last pass he made to Mr. Dennis. Perfect execution by Dexter but Ricky put that ball exactly where and when it needed to be. Masterful

  • Originally posted by Topshock View Post

    Yes the actual percentage was not commensurate to the quality of shooters in my opinion. Spreading the floor would have opened up the lane for driving allowing the ball to be kicked back out for open shots. I feel we had the personnel to make a very high percentage of open 3 pointers. Unfortunately the offence we chose to run didn't provide many wide open shots.
    notice we were better the year before when we played mcduffie at the 4 but last year decided to play him and zach brown at the 3 spot and put a non shooter at the 4 spot. But last year has been thoroughly discussed on this board.
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