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    I am so happy they have this going, and hope they have secured the funding to keep it going far into the future. CKA as a venue does present some unique challenges that will hopefully get ironed out over time, keeping in mind their limited rehearsal time (about 2 hours a week this year). That limited rehearsal time is probably the biggest factor in the numerous little technical things I saw and heard, but then again, I could go shred them over things most people would never notice, much like 3G does with the team in practice I'm sure.
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      They were hoping to add and/or polish some new elements last week but lost a rehearsal the day they cancelled classes. That's why there were a couple of times they were just playing in place.

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    The sleeves were awful.

    I like the idea though, and wouldn't mind having a drumline pit by the Pep Band.


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      Originally posted by [URL=""
      WuDrWu[/URL] Unique means one of a kind. Something cannot be "very unique".

      I'm just busting your chops. Let me know what game you can go to and I'll see about getting you a ticket. Edit: Just realized what you were saying about seeing them again. Still, if you need a ticket, let me know..
      Just bustin' your chops --

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