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2018-19 National Rankings

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    AP Rankings - WEEK 11 (112/14/19)

    Teams of interest:
    #20 - Oklahoma (Previous #23)
    #21 - Houston (Previous #17)
    #31 - UCF (Previous #35)
    #42 - Temple (Previous #NR)
    #44 - Cincinnati (Previous #NR)

    None, Zip, Zero, Nada, "Not a One" Votes:
    Any team that belongs to the Missouri Valley


    • BOBB
      BOBB commented
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      How many votes did we get?

    • WuShock Reaper
      WuShock Reaper commented
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      Well, that would be "zero votes" for the Shockers, but we will get a shot at #31 and #44 this week. If we were in "the Valley" we might be lucky to be getting the #1 team "Valparaiso" with their NET Ranking of 171.

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    AP Rankings - WEEK 12 (01/21/19)

    Teams of interest:
    #17 - Houston (Previous #21)
    #31 - Oklahoma (Previous #20)
    #35 - Cincinnati (Previous #44)

    None, Zip, Zero, Nada, "Not a One" Votes:
    #NR - UCF (Previous #31)
    #NR - Temple (Previous #42)
    #NR - Any team that belongs to the Missouri Valley


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      "College basketball rankings: Tennessee takes over No. 1, Michigan dips five spots in Andy Katz's Power 36" - NCAA.COM

      POSTED: JANUARY 21, 2019

      11. Houston (Previous 11): The Cougars have won three in a row and are still the team to beat in the American, with the only loss being at Temple.

      24. Cincinnati (Previous 32): Quietly putting together a solid season yet again under Mick Cronin, the Bearcats will be in the race for the AAC title.

      32. UCF (Previous 25): The Knights bounced back from a road loss at Wichita State with a home win over Tulsa to remain atop the AAC standings with Houston, Cincinnati, Temple and Memphis at one loss.


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        I'm going to put this in here. It looks like the NCAA is further dividing quality of wins. On the new official team sheets, they appear to be breaking out a Q1a, Q1b, Q2a, Q2b.,%202016.pdf

        If you look at the detailed section at the bottom of each sheet you now see a couple extra breakouts.

        (Home 1-15)(Neutral 1-25)(Away 1-40)

        (Home 16-30)(Neutral 26-50)(Away 41-75)

        The totals at the top are still just Q1-Q4 but they are obviously trying to further define that one win within a Quadrant is better than another. This is only happening for Q1 and Q2 also. I can't see this as something that will benefit anyone but the top leagues.


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          AP Rankings - WEEK 13 (01/28/19)

          Teams of interest:
          #13 - Houston (Previous #17)
          #27 - Cincinnati (Previous #35)
          #30 - Oklahoma (Previous #31)
          #37 - Davidson ((Previous #NR)


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            NCAA NET Rankings Update The American Jan. 28th, 2019

            Houston: 7th
            Cincinnati: 23rd
            UCF: 40th
            Memphis: 54th
            Temple: 60th
            Connecticut: 78th
            South Florida: 80th
            Tulsa: 109th
            SMU: 120th
            Wichita State: 134th
            East Carolina: 253rd
            Tulane: 303rd

            Conference Average: 105
            Average of Top 10: 71

            Kick ECU and Tulane and let's do a round robin.


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              ESPN Power Rankings - ESPN

              By: Jeff Borzello ESPN Staff Writer
              Posted: 02/03/19, 1:30 PM CT


              10. Houston Cougars (21-1) - Previous ranking: 11
              This week: at UCF (Thursday, 7 p.m. ET on CBSSN), vs. Cincinnati (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET on ESPN)

              Houston has just one blemish so far, but the Cougars now begin their toughest week of the season. They have to travel to UCF on Thursday, followed by a home tilt against Cincinnati. UCF was the preseason favorite in the AAC, and while they haven't quite lived up to that, they've only lost one game this season. Cincinnati has won seven in a row and is playing some of the best offense we've seen under Mick Cronin.


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                AP Rankings - WEEK 14 (02/04/19)


                Teams of interest:
                #12 - Houston (Previous #13)
                #25 - Cincinnati (Previous #27)
                #30 - Baylor (Previous #NR)


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                  AP Rankings - WEEK 15 (02/11/19)


                  Teams of interest:
                  #09 - Houston (Previous #12)
                  #26 - Cincinnati (Previous #25)


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                    ESPN Power Rankings - ESPN

                    By: Jeff Borzello ESPN Staff Writer
                    Posted: 02/11/19, 6:00 AM CT


                    8. Houston Cougars (23-1), Previous ranking: 9
                    This week: at UConn (Thursday), at Tulane (Sunday)

                    Another high-level defensive performance from the Cougars, who held Cincinnati scoreless for the final six-plus minutes of Sunday's game and finished on an 8-0 run to beat the Bearcats and take control of the AAC standings. Former UMass transfer Dejon Jarreau had perhaps his best game in a Houston uniform, finishing with 16 points, eight rebounds and five assists.


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                      Shouldn't Houston (instead of Nevada) be sitting at #7 with that gaudy record of theirs??? Oh well...
                      FINAL FOURS:
                      1965, 2013

                      NCAA Tournament:
                      1964, 1965, 1976, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2006, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

                      NIT Champs - 1 (2011)

                      AP Poll History of Wichita State:
                      Number of Times Ranked: 157
                      Number of Times Ranked #1: 1
                      Number of Times Top 5: 32 (Most Recent - 2017)
                      Number of Times Top 10: 73 (Most Recent - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)

                      Highest Recent AP Ranking:
                      #3 - Dec. 2017
                      #2 ~ March 2014

                      Highest Recent Coaches Poll Ranking:
                      #2 ~ March 2014
                      Finished 2013 Season #4


                      • FadedCrown
                        FadedCrown commented
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                        Houston's lone loss was later in the season. That is why.

                      • N Crestway
                        N Crestway commented
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                        Also beat a highly ranked AAC team in last year's tournament....presently a west coast darling along with Gonzaga. Of course they are pretty good.

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                      I'm looking forward to February, 2020, when I think the Shockers will return to the top 25


                      • 60Shock
                        60Shock commented
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                        More like 2021.

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                      AP Rankings - WEEK 16 (02/18/19)


                      Teams of interest:
                      #09 - Houston (Previous #09)
                      #26 - Cincinnati (Previous #26)


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                        "ESPN Power Rankings..."


                        7. Houston Cougars (25-1) - Previous ranking: 7
                        This week: vs. South Florida (Saturday)

                        Houston caught fire in the second half against Tulane -- including a 35-5 run that spanned just about 10 minutes and featured nine Houston 3-pointers -- for the Cougars' 25th win of the season. Armoni Brooks and Corey Davis Jr. have been the stars for Kelvin Sampson all season, and Sunday was no different: The two combined for 14 3-pointers and 50 points. Houston's résumé continues to improve, and the December win over LSU looks better and better.