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  • 2018-19 Smack Talk

    "Candidates for Michigan if John Beilein Leaves for the Detroit Pistons" - HERO Sports

    By Andrew Doughty
    Published on June 01, 2018 at 5:16 PM EDT

    "John Beilein interviewed for the Detroit Pistons job. Who could replace him at Michigan?

    ESPN NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a bomb on Twitter on Friday afternoon: Michigan head coach John Beilein interviewed for the Detroit Pistons' coaching vacancy on Thursday.

    Beilein is entering his 12th season at Michigan is only two months removed from taking the Wolverines to their second national title game in the last six years. He is 248-143 at the school and has two Big Ten regular-season titles and two Big Ten Tournament titles.

    Who might replace Beilein if he is offered the job and accepts it? Here are some potential favorites, along with a list of other possibilities:

    Current Position: Head Coach - Wichita State

    Gregg Marshall is clearly happy in Wichita but is he waiting for his perfect situation like Shaka Smart did after many years and courtships at VCU?

    He's making incredible money ($3.5 million annually) for a mid-major coach."

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    Well, that was nice, until the very end.


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      Originally posted by WuShock Reaper View Post
      "Candidates for Michigan if John Beilein Leaves for the Detroit Pistons" - HERO Sports

      [I]By Andrew Doughty
      Published on June 01, 2018 at 5:16 PM EDT

      He's making incredible money ($3.5 million annually) for a mid-major coach."
      Not much perspective there...

      He's making incredible money for a "Major" Coach. No?


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        "Musings: Wildcats in the Bahamas, Jon Rothstein Rankings, and the Penny Hardaway Threat" - SB Nation

        By James Streble
        Aug 7, 2018, 12:04pm EDT

        "The Penny Hardaway Threat

        Memphis fans REALLY want Kentucky and Memphis to be rivals. While Hardaway may have made a splash on the recruiting trail early in his tenure at Memphis, we still don’t know if he can, you know, coach.

        Before landing the job he currently occupies, his coaching experience was limited to AAU and high school players. Yes, that’s it. He’s never been on a college or professional bench in a coaching capacity.

        Hot take alert: Penny is a flash in the pan. Yeah, he’ll have some success as a recruiter for the first couple of years at Memphis. Then when he actually has to coach he’s going to flame out, badly.

        The AAC is not a slouch conference. It includes Cincinnati, Wichita State, Houston, and UConn. And while Memphis fans will cut Penny some slack in his first season, they won’t settle for middle to back of the pack AAC success.

        This entire Cal vs. Penny thing is fun for now. But when actual basketball coaching comes into play and recruits see that Penny has no idea what he’s doing, it’ll be over."


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        Recruiting helps... Look at Calipari... Time will tell


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          Hell yeah recruiting helps. Look at Self.


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            Originally posted by California Shocker View Post
            Hell yeah recruiting helps. Look at Self.
            Adidas agrees with you.

            The future's so bright - I gotta wear shades.
            We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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              Do we have any reason to believe penny has the ability to recruit players that didn’t grow up playing for him?


              • ShockdaWorld
                ShockdaWorld commented
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                I’ve asked this question on the AAC board, and from Memphis fans reaction you’d think I said he had a 3rd eye and was missing an arm. They seem to think he can recruit anyone. I would almost agree for the next year or two as long as his and Mike Millers kids are still coming out of the AAU circuit. After that, I think he’ll still do well even if it’s just getting Memphis kids to stay home. Of course that also depends on how long it takes for the NCAA to come knocking if kids keep asking out of their LOI to go to Memphis. Those can’t be cheap business meetings for $.01

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              The question is, what draws these kids to Penny in the first place? Is it just his name and experience as a player? He really doesn't have much of a track record as a coach at all. This will be fun to watch but I am hopeful he is able to keep Memphis relevant and a winning program, except when it comes to us of course. I think the stronger every team is in the AAC, the better for the entire league.


              • Stickboy46
                Stickboy46 commented
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                Name and Brand. Penny has had a successful shoe line for a long time. That’s important to kids. Memphis is already integrating that brand into their uniforms. I honestly can see why they would be drawn to it AT THIS POINT. If he doesn’t win right away though .. that cool factor will wear off quickly.