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WSU Versus Marshall NCAA Dance Predictions and Pregame Discussions

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    Originally posted by WheatShock View Post

    Higher seed wears home unis so we'll probably be wearing the meh whites. I'd rather see us wear yellow but I don't think we can if they're considered be be alternates.
    I don't really like Yellow either to be honest


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      I want to see Conner and Austin hit open 3 pointers and get a rhythm going. I’d like a win also.


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        Originally posted by dwbarcl View Post
        I want to see Conner and Austin hit open 3 pointers and get a rhythm going. .
        they haven't done that in a while, so i won't hold my breath.

        marshall is chomping at the bit for a wvu matchup...


        • kochHead
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          Which Marshall?

        • another shocker
          another shocker commented
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          how cute. it damn sure aint gregg marshall.

        • pie n eye
          pie n eye commented
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          You don’t think coach wants a shot at WVU?

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        Honest to God-- I think we get more fouls called on us, and never get a foul called for us when we are wearing black.


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          RH: Path to Reunion Started in West Virginia


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            "#4 Wichita State vs #13 Marshall Preview: Odds, Predictions, TV, Starting Lineups 3/16/18 March Madness " - HERO Sports

            By Jim Oxley
            HERO Sports @jrox12 Published on March 13, 2018 at 5:50 PM EDT


            Everything you need to know for #4 Wichita State vs #13 Marshall.

            Wichita State lost their last game against Houston on Saturday, March 10th, 77-74. Houston's Rob Gray led his team to a win with a team-high 33 points. He went 8 for 21 from the field, shooting 38.1%. In 37 minutes, Rob collected 33 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 4 threes with 3 turnovers. Although Wichita State was defeated, Landry Shamet fought to keep his team in the game with 19 points, shooting 58.3% from the field (making 7 of 12 attempts). In 37 minutes, he added 19 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 4 threes with 2 turnovers.

            Marshall won their last game against Western Kentucky, 67-66 on Saturday, March 10th. Marshall's Jon Elmore scored a team-high 27 points in the win, hitting 9 of 21 shots from the field for a 42.9% field goal percentage. In 39 minutes, he collected 27 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 7 threes with 5 turnovers. Justin Johnson led Western Kentucky's team in scoring with 21 points, while shooting 29.4% from the field (making 5 of 17 attempts). In 39 minutes, Johnson added 21 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and 4 threes with 2 turnovers.

            Wichita State's head coach, Gregg Marshall, shares his last name with the school they're playing. Fun, right?

            Wichita State: 79
            Marshall: 62


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              "Marshall Basketball: Thundering Herd’s matchup with Wichita State" - FanSided Sports

              by Brandon Griffin
              Posted: 03/15/18, 10:30am cst


              Marshall basketball plays their first game of the NCAA Tournament on Friday. What can be expected of them in their first round match-up?

              Marshall is a No. 13 seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament. Playing in the East Region, the Thundering Herd are making their fourth appearance in the tournament and their first since 1987. They are coached by Dan D’Antoni, who is in his fourth season with Marshall. What should you know as they approach their first game against Wichita State?

              Marshall made the tournament by winning the Conference USA tournament. The Thundering Herd went 24-10 on the season and finished fourth in conference play. To win the CUSA tournament, Marshall won three games in three days beating UTSA, Southern Miss, and Western Kentucky. The Herd lucked out when Middle Tennessee State lost early, giving them their unlikely chance.

              Jon Elmore: Elmore is Marshall’s go-to guy. He makes the Thundering Herd thunder. The junior led the team in scoring with 22.8 per game while also dishing out a team-high 6.9 assists.

              Ajden Penava: Penava is the Herd’s inside man. The junior from Bosnia & Herzegovina leads the team with 8.6 rebounds per game. He also led the nation in blocks per game with 4.1 per contest, nearly half a block more than Texas’s Mohamed Bamba, who finished second.

              CJ Burks: How often do you see a team with two 20 point scorers? It isn’t a regular occurrence and it is one of the reasons Marshall finished the season 12th nationally in scoring. Burks joins teammate Elmore with 20.5 points per game to create a very dangerous backcourt for other teams to deal with.

              Can Marshall keep the magic alive?
              Marshall was not expected to be here. They had a decent season, but they were a dark horse at best to win the Conference USA tournament, which was the only way they were making the tournament for the first time in 31 years.

              However, everything broke right for Marshall, as things often do for miracle runs, and now they are in the tournament looking for their first-ever program win in the Big Dance. If they do get the win, they will put a damper on a lot of brackets.

              Marshall 93, Wichita State 92. The Herd pulls off the major upset in what is one of the highest scoring games in the first weekend of the tournament, literally shocking the Shockers. Wichita State, who is a trendy Sweet 16 pick, gets bounced in the first round as brackets are busted throughout the Midwest.


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                The adage of guards making the difference is playing out in the early stages of this year's tournament. We'll live or die with our guards, for whatever that's worth. I'm "hopeful" but slightly expecting.


                • 1972Shocker
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                  Is that anything like being slightly pregnant. JK, but what are you slightly expecting?

                • ShockingButTrue
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                  Today we got about what was expected, solely based upon our guards' performance throughout the season. Was "hoping" for a better performance, but...

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                The Committee did their job matching us with Marshall. They shoot and make a million 3's...a fact everybody knows we give up a lot of 3 balls this season. I like our chances of course...but this kinda reminds me of the VCU first round match-up 7 years ago.

                Bad match-up??? Maybe...but its March Madness!!!!

                Go SHOCKS!!!
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                • I am traveling to Wisconsin for a funeral tomorrow and will be on the road during the game.

                  Is the game on Sirius/XM?

                  If so, does anyone know the channel?
                  “Losers Average Losers.” ― Paul Tudor Jones


                  • XM 203
                    Robin Roberts: "My mother used to say, when you strut, you stumble."


                    • DUShock
                      DUShock commented
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                      Thank you @The ‘hut

                  • What day is it?!
                    Kung Wu say: "If Chuck Norris had a coach, his name would be Gregg Marshall."


                    • ESPN says we are 12 point favorites.


                      • Originally posted by AZ Shocker View Post
                        The Committee did their job matching us with Marshall. They shoot and make a million 3's...a fact everybody knows we give up a lot of 3 balls this season. I like our chances of course...but this kinda reminds me of the VCU first round match-up 7 years ago.

                        Bad match-up??? Maybe...but its March Madness!!!!

                        Go SHOCKS!!!
                        They SHOOT a lot of threes .. they aren't great 3 shooters. They have made ~50 more 3s than us on 210 more attempts. They are a 35% 3 point shooting club. Only one person shoots better than 36% from 3 and he's only at 41%. We have 3 40% or better (4 if you count SHJ). They are fast paced so if we are at all close to our normal efficiency on offense, this will be closer to a Savannah State game than a Houston/Temple game.


                        • Originally posted by Kung Wu View Post
                          What day is it?!
                          IT'S GAMEDAY, BITCHES !!