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  • Originally posted by Aargh View Post
    KU and OU really took advantage of all their quality losses. When is the last time you saw a 1 seed with 7 losses?
    Um, last year’s National Champs?


  • Pretty surprising... WSU was #14 in the committees eyes.

    North Carolina as #5 overall?
    Texas Tech 6 spots in front of WV is bizarre.
    Houston closer to a 7 than a 5.
    Loyola given zero respect, placed below every single at large team + SDSU.


    • By the s curve, shouldn' Clemson be the #5 in our region?


      • Jamar Howard 4 President
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        Maybe, but they don't follow the S-Curve exactly. Also look at geography, matchups that by rule can't happen, etc. Lots of work to make a working bracket.

    • Originally posted by Coog89 View Post
      OK, boys. We're headed your way. Would love to see some of you out cheering on the Coogs and your favorite player, Rob Gray.
      After the crap he pulled Saturday I don't think so.

      I'm not hoping Houston loses or anything but i'll be damned if i'll cheer for that A-hole. I plan to be more of a disinterested bystander.
      Its a good landing if you can walk away, its a great landing if the plane can be reused the next day.


      • Originally posted by Jamar Howard 4 President View Post
        WSU was #14 in the committees eyes.
        Paging lawmaker. I repeat, paging lawmaker.


        • Judging by Arizona State and Oklahoma, it seems the committee this year took big stock in quality wins, particularly road wins. If we look at our schedule, we have 4 extremely high quality road wins that definitely boosted us above our other metrics, particularly @ Cincinnati. I think a neutral computer metrics approach would have been closer to Jamar's predictions, but it is impossible to judge the random human metrics they change every year. The single win against Cincinnati may have moved us from 20+ on the S-curve to 14, and that is more on the humans than the computers.

          It also seems we got a lot of credit for our games against "close to" teams. That is, teams like Notre Dame, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Temple, SMU, and UCF that looked at various points like tournament teams. Some of these teams were decimated by injuries, but it seems the committee still valued our games against them, and maybe weighed us a little higher considering that some of our games were against healthier versions of those teams.


          • Jamar Howard 4 President
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            I really thought Q1 + Q2 would be more "Q1, with a glance at Q2". Clearly WSU's plethora of Q2 wins actually received consideration.

            Kudos to the committee. I actually think they did a great job seeding this year. Selecting the bubble teams was still poor though.

        • Originally posted by bighouse View Post

          Your boy Rob has requested we "shh", so i will oblige.
          Houston fans are having a difficult time understanding this concept.

          Apparently we’re just supposed to erase that moment from our memory and pretend like everything is all hunky-dory.
          Deuces Valley.
          ... No really, deuces.
          "Enjoy the ride."

          - a smart man


          • ShockerDropOut
            ShockerDropOut commented
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            What can I say. I am petty. I hold a grudge.