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Shockers - Fall Ball 2018

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  • Shockers - Fall Ball 2018

    Word is Butler is going 100% into a competitive fall schedule to really test the guys and prepare them for Spring 2019. Looks like they will play SEC and Big Ten teams. It will be great seeing these guys compete. I am looking forward to seeing the schedule and hope to catch a game in Texas.

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    Apparently new NCAA rules allow teams to play 2 exhibition games in the fall. Reportedly one of those games for the Shockers will be at Arkansas although not officially announced or confirmed yet.


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      October 5 is the Friday before we play Alabama in Football. Could be a good crowd on hand.


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        Originally posted by CharlieHog View Post
        October 5 is the Friday before we get trounced by Alabama in Football. Could be a good crowd on hand.




        • CharlieHog
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          That's my expectation as well. haha

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        The trouncing Arkansas is gonna unleash on us may be by a similar score, something like 17-3 maybe?

        Gee, I wonder why we didn't schedule any home exhibition games? Because there would be more fleas present than people in seats?
        Deuces Valley.
        ... No really, deuces.
        "Enjoy the ride."

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        • txkidsports
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          Every season is different and the last one from a cumulative perspective was great. It should be expected to have challenges in year 1 when going into a bigger conference.

          The boys will learn a lot with these two big exhibition competitors and get battle tested for the spring. At the end of the day, the spring is really what it's all about.