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2018 MLB Draft June 4th - June 8th

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    Originally posted by SPEShockAlum View Post

    Two of these guys are tied to Mississippi State - one current player and a signee. I seem to remember a Top 3 pick out of HS deciding to honor his commitment to TCU a couple of years ago as well. That is some serious selling going on in the college ranks to get a kid (and his family) to pass on that kind of cash.
    I think all 4 of the guys listed in this article were high school seniors with two committed to Mississippi State.

    One those MSU commitments, Carter Stewart , was the drafted by the Braves at $8 overall with a slot value just under $5 million. The article state he had some issues with his wrist show up in his team physical. The article also says he may go to Juco and re-enter the draft next year.

    Here is an article that says he and the Braves and pretty much agreen on a number around $4.5 million but that after the physical the Braves cooled considerably and only offered him 40% of slot or around $2 million. This article says the family didn't think the medical issue was all that serious and reported he would head to Eastern Florida State JUCO and re-enter the draft next year.

    Maybe in Stewart's case the family is taking an educated guess that the medical issues aren't that serious and waiting a year could mean and extra $2 million to $2.5 million.

    The other MSU commit who didn't sign was J.T. Ginn picked at #30 by the Dodgers. His slot value was around $2.25 million. The Dodgers reportedly offered him $2.4 million.

    But no doubt about it those are very significant bankrolls for an 18 year old kid to pass on. Hope it works out for them.


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      Cody Tyler has been moved up to class A Advanced ball and is playing for the Lake Elsinore Storm. Seems to have only had a couple appearances in AZ before getting moved up.


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        Great write up on Greyson, including a great pic of The Eck!

        Second round pick Greyson Jenista has been an absolute dynamo since being drafted by the Braves. All it took was a scouting report on Jenista coming out of the draft to know his appeal is his power…


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          Originally posted by Downtown Shocker Brown View Post
          Great write up on Greyson, including a great pic of The Eck!
          Sure wish they’d use an updated photo with the new university logo.

          "You Just Want to Slap The #### Outta Some People"