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2018 MLB Draft June 4th - June 8th

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  • 2018 MLB Draft June 4th - June 8th

    Okay, so we know that in addition to the 5 seniors (Troutwine, Vickers, Tyler, Sanburn and Keller) we will no doubt be losing Alec Bohm and Greyson Jenista to the MLB draft. Alec is projected to go in the Top 5 picks. Not sure about Greyson. He may not go in the 1st round but I don't think he will have to wait around too long. Whether or not any of the 5 seniors get drafted is hard to predict but, if they are drafted, I would expect that to be in late rounds. If not some will probably get a look as free agents.

    I think the chances of Alec and Greyson returning next year are quite a bit less than the Shockers being selected as an NCAA at-large team tomorrow.

    The question I have then is what other draft eligible players on this year's roster could potentially be drafted and move on to pro baseball, if any?

    I'm thinking the most likely candidates for that possibility are Codi Heuer, Luke Ritter and Keylan Killgore. These 3 guys in addition to the 7 guys above were all key contributors for the Shocks during this past season. Losing one or more of these 3 would add to the challenges of next year.

    Heuer has the arm and the physical stature to attract some interest I would think. His ERA wasn't great at 4.31 but throw out the craziness of the Tulane game and it drops to 3.46. He needs to cut down on his walks a little bit (most college pitchers do) but he only gave up 3 home runs in 79.1 innings which is pretty good.

    Ritter was 8 - 49 (0.163) to start this season but finished 68 - 174 (0.391) over the remainder of the seaon to hit 0.341. He also had a strong summer for Santa Barbara. Luke kind of reminds me of Whit Merrifield of the Royals. Whether or not MLB teams want to use a draft pick on a utility player is hard to say.

    Not sure I would have listed Killgore prior to the AAC Tournament but the fact is he had an ERA of 2.54 for the season and had the best outing of his career against USF in a must win game for the Shocks. No doubt there were plenty of MLB scouts hanging around the AAC Tournament with Shane McClanahan starting for USF and with Alec and Greyson in the game for the Shocks.

    I guess we will find out in about a week and, hopefully, we will have a decision, one way or the other, on whether HCTB will return next year.

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    I have seen projections that Alec will go as the 3rd overall pick to the Phillies. I also saw where the slot money for that pick is $6,947,500. Going the college route appears as if it s going to pay off big time for Alec.

    The odds of Alex going pro vs returning to WSU by my scientific calcualtions is 6,947,500 to 1.
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      I hope you aren't insinuating that WSU is offering Bohm $1 to return next season.

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      Nah, just a $1 off coupon for some sweet gear. But! Everybody on campus has access to the $1 off coupon, so it's totally legit.

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    1st Pick — Detroit Tigers: Casey Mize, P, Auburn
    2nd Pick — San Francisco Giants: Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech
    3rd Pick — Philadelphia Phillies: Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State


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    Congratulations to Alec. Very happy for him.


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      USF's Shane McClanahan goes at #31, the 1st of 5 compensations picks, to Tampa Bay.


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        Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
        USF's Shane McClanahan goes at #31, the 1st of 5 compensations picks, to Tampa Bay.
        I was surprised he lasted that long, that was odd.

        I had noticed some mock drafts showing the Royals potentially drafting Greyson, that came and went with them selecting 2 more pitchers...


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          No other Shockers drafted in the first 46 picks.


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            2nd round #49 overall: Greyson Jenista is drafted by the Atlanta Braves!!!!


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              Slot value $1.5 million. Congratulations to Greyson.

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            Good fit. Young and upcoming. One of best Farm Systems in baseball.


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              I’m a Phillies Phan so I’m excited they drafted Bohm but I do hope the Phillies have a new Manager before he hits the Majors.


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                (Phillies amateur scouting director Johnny) Almaraz said the Phillies “were very, very lucky” to land Bohm. They scouted him during his senior season at Roncalli Catholic High School in Omaha, Neb., and thought he was a player who needed to go to college. Almaraz credited Wichita State head coach Todd Butler for the “tremendous job” he did with Bohm.

                “He has progressed and developed at that school,” Almaraz said. “When you have a chance to lift [weights] and play three or four games a week and then have that entire offseason to be a full-time baseball player at the collegiate level, you have a chance to progress slowly and gain strength. You become better automatically through natural maturation and growth.”

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                  UConn LHP Tim Cate selected by Washington in the 2nd round at #65.


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           reports on Alec's and Greyson's drafts:

                    Bohm Selected Third Overall by Phillies

                    He is the second-highest position player drafted in school history. Joe Carter was the second pick of the 1981 draft. He is also just the fifth player in Shocker history to be taken in the first five picks joining Carter (2nd in 1981), Bryan Oelkers (4th in 1982), Darren Dreifort (2nd in 1993) and Braden Looper (3rd in 1996).

                    He is also the highest drafted player in American Athletic Conference history.

                    Jenista Drafted in Second Round by Braves

                    Jenista and teammate Alec Bohm (3rd pick) are just the third Shocker duo to be taken in the first 50 picks of the draft. Bryan Oelkers (4th pick) and Phil Stephenson (30th pick) were both taken in the 1982 draft and Erik Sonberg (18th pick) and Russ Morman (28th pick) were both taken in the 1983 draft.

                    RH: Bohm Speaks Like a Veteran on Draft Day

                    Alec Bohm wisely declined to start his professional baseball career labeled as "the kid who wants to homer off Max Scherzer."

                    Bohm celebrated as expected during his post-handshake questions from the MLB Network. He politely declined to offer any hint of projection or entitlement into the big leagues. He spoke quietly and succinctly, as always.

                    When asked to name a prominent pitcher he might look forward to homering against, Bohm pulled the veteran move of spitting on a pitch in the dirt. Nobody wants Max Scherzer to remember that quote if, indeed, they do meet in a big-league park in a few years.

                    "Those guys are pretty good," Bohm said.

                    "We really like what (Jenista) brings, definitely with the left-handed swing in our ballpark, gives us a potential to tap into that power," Braves scouting director Brian Bridges told "You can't teach size, and you can't teach strength. You can't teach power. We . . . get the most out of their abilities."

                    Taylor Eldridge's report on Alec in the Eagle:

                    Wichita State's Alec Bohm drafted by Phillies with No. 3 overall pick in 2018 MLB Draft

                    Perhaps Bohm's greatest strength is his discipline at the plate. He drew 39 walks and struck out just 28 times in 224 at-bats, or once every eight at-bats. That combined with his power (he had a .625 slugging percentage) gave Bohm a case for the best hitter available in the draft.

                    Mike Lowell on Alec Bohm


                    Phillies Scouting Director on Alec Bohm

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                      Originally posted by Wuzee View Post
                      (Phillies amateur scouting director Johnny) Almaraz said the Phillies “were very, very lucky” to land Bohm. They scouted him during his senior season at Roncalli Catholic High School in Omaha, Neb., and thought he was a player who needed to go to college. Almaraz credited Wichita State head coach Todd Butler for the “tremendous job” he did with Bohm.
                      It will be interesting to see if Bohm/Jensista was fluke/luck with Butler and company. Proof will be found in next year team.


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                        The message I take from this is that while a couple of stud players in basketball (i.e. Fred and Ron) can carry a team a long way the same is not true of a couple of stud position players in baseball. On top of Alec and Greyson, Luke Ritter (after a horrible start) and Gunnar Troutwine had very good seasons at the plate and yet the Shocks still could not make a regional.

                        2 or 3 top shelf pitchers along with a stud closer will carry you much further I think. To paraphrase the old golf saw: Hit for Show, Pitch for Dough.

                        The Shocks scored 6.58 runs per game last year (6.25 in AAC games). The 6.25 runs per game in AAC play was the best in the conference with USF 2nd at 5.83 and league champion Houston 8th in runs per game at 4.83.
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                      Tulane Jr. CF Grant Witherspoon goes in the 4th round to Tampa Bay.