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NCAA Gearing Up To Take Memphis Down

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  • NCAA Gearing Up To Take Memphis Down

    this is an opinion piece from USA Today that paints a dismal picture of the future of Penny Hardaway and Memphis basketball.

    This could mean a postseason ban, scholarship reductions or a show-cause penalty for Hardaway that would effectively end his tenure as head coach. Having this hanging over the program’s head will make the immediate future, as Hardaway tries to recruit for a 2020 class that features no recruits at the moment, incredibly difficult.
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    "In God we trust, all others must bring data." - W. Edwards Deming


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      Damn. That's a shame. /s It sucks for the conference to get weakened by this but I find it hard to find any tears for PH or the dumba$$ Memphis fans I know.
      One quick note before we present the rankings: With Wichita State’s move to the American Athletic Conference, the Shockers have moved out of the mid-major club. We wish the Shockers well against Cincinnati, UConn, SMU, and more.


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        They quite literally asked for it.


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          umm, that doesn't appear to be a good thing for Memphis.
          You're a lying dog-faced pony soldier.


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            Originally posted by Dennis_Celery View Post
            umm, that doesn't appear to be a good thing for Memphis.
            They must have caught him on a trip to the Cayman's with you.