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    Originally posted by ShockerPrez View Post

    Probably a little sexist, but I don't think guys have a problem if a woman wants to use the men's room. It's the men going into the women's restroom that seems a bit off. And I don't really even think public restrooms are much cause for concern. A bigger concern would be areas where minor girls would be changing in common areas without individual privacy. I don't like how normally, the only person's feelings considered is the transgenders and not that of the girls' who may feel uncomfortable with a person of the opposite sex changing with them.
    Transgender minors is an entirely different issue.
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      Originally posted by wufan View Post

      Transgender minors is an entirely different issue.
      You may think so, but not a leftist. Same principle to them.
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        The scene in Stepbrothers where Kathryn Hahn pisses in the urinal? Hot!
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          Originally posted by C0|dB|00ded View Post
          Now we all know there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter Repub, Dem, Lib, Conservative, Moderate, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Anarchist, Libertarian, Independent, etc. Our political profiles are like fingerprints. We are the sum of our many experiential parts.

          Let's play a game shall we?

          Someone put together a questionnaire that covers all the hot-button political stances and let's all reply to it and see where we stand.

          And don't be afraid to reveal your true colors... we're all gonna die from Covid-19 in the end anyways. ;)

          Something like this?

          2nd Ammendment: For, against, don't care
          Abortion: For, against, don't care
          National healthcare: For, against, don't care
          Abolishing electorate system: For, against, don't care

          etc., etc., etc.


          This link is somewhere on this forum. I didn't want to search for it, so here it is again.