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  • Madness

    Some of the new players looked nice. Degarmo could cause some problems being a 6'1" SF/SG. But she looked to have good range and touch. Could bring a nice demention to the Lady Shox.

    Pointer, I think that was her name, looks like a shooter. Pretty good looking shot.

    Alex has a couple of nice blocks

    Marcy had a nice strong take once.

    Too bad Val can't play this season.

    I like Hoyt. I think she'll really help.

    Kiki needs to have a big year.

    Same with Daria.

    I'd like to see KK stay aggressive. She made a couple of nice passes.

    Taylor just needs to build off last year.

    What happened to Frannie? Noticed she was on crutches.

    That's about all I have at the moment.

    Jane needs to have a good year.
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    Not sure what happenned to Frannie. Looked to be an ankle injury.

    Also I don't think Whitney played and she looked like she was hobbling some.

    Can't read too much into a 20 minute running clock scrimmage. While I did like the look of the freshman, overall, I did not see anything that indicates a huge turn around is in the cards this year.

    But I am open to being surprised and willing to give this team the benefit of the doubt and see how things play out.

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      It looks like Jane will continue the "guards exist to try to feed the post" gameplay that failed in the past. Just my opinion.
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      Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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        I agree that you can't take too much from a 20 minute scrimmage but it looked like to me that they are real quick to take a three point shot in their offense. Need a few more passes IMO (without turning it over).

        Now if they were ever to start making some of those 3's ....

        They have some nice players. I hope they can move up in the league standings this year.


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          The newcomers definitely looked promising.

          Was it just me or did Hoyt seem to be making a lot of poor decisions, even considering it was a scrimmage? Maybe she was "pressing" too much.

          Smith looked athletic and active in the middle.

          Val Siemens will be a nice addition next year.


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            I didn't have as good a take as Sub did. Looked like individual players, and not like a 'team' out there, they lacked teamwork. I am glad the shooting got better because they sure missed a lot of shots to begin with, Diana Taurasi's their not. Of course, my standard of measure for women's teams is Texas, Tennessee, and Conneticutt.

            For awhile, looked like little ones learning soccer, the beehive syndrome, the way they were swarming for the ball around the arc. And they didn't look to be in real good playing shape.

            They need a measure of 'discipline' that they don't possess right now.


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              Again with the caveat that it was one 20 minute public scrimmage using probably the most basic of offensive attacks, I must say that there were a couple of things I was somewhat dissappointed in:

              1. They continue to seem stagnant on offense. Not a lot of ball nor off-ball movement. A lot of the perimeter players dribbling around trying to find an opening I guess. I thought it was in stark contrast to the crispness of ball and player movement that the men showed in their scrimmage.

              2. They are stll turning the ball over way to much for my tastes.

              Jane is trying too hard to sell her team and tickets. Build a good product to put on the floor and you will sell more tickets. I don't believe we have ever won an MVC Women's Basketball Championship. Regular or post-season. Get that done and you will do wonders for the attendance.

              That said, I already have my season tickets and I will support the team as best I can.

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                A little info on Frannie and Whitney in today's Eagle:

                Frannie Vathauer, a junior on the women's team, sat out Shocker Madness with a sprained right ankle. She may practice Thursday, Albright said. Albright elected to rest junior Whitney Rice during the scrimmage. The team practiced two hours Tuesday afternoon.


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                  The new player that caught my eye was Jadhon Kerr. She seems to know how to use her body to keep people away from the ball whether it was rebounding, receiving a pass, or shooting. Overall, I thought she had extremely sound fundamentals. I don't expect much out of freshmen but if one is going to contribute I always think it will most likely be someone who has mastered the basics rather than someone flashy. It will be interesting to see if Jadhon is able to come in and provide defense and rebounding once they start playing for real.
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                    Hate to say it, but the Lady Shox look like a 20-game loser this season.

                    VB may outdraw WBB this year.
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                    We like to cut down nets and get sized for championship rings.


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                      Originally posted by Aargh
                      Hate to say it, but the Lady Shox look like a 20-game loser this season.
                      Unfortunately, Aargh, that outlook is pretty much in line with the consensus posted (so far) on the prediction thread.

                      My prediction was 12-18 for the regular season, but I guess I'm still holding out a sliver of hope that the Ladies will spin a positive surprise this year. I saw nothing at Madness that caused me to want to change my prediction though. Still hoping for the upside surprise.

                      The one thing I am looking forward to is seeing how the incoming freshman play and develop. I liked my first glimpse at them at Madness, but I don't think they are ready to lead the team to a big turnaround this year.


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                        Which one was #21? She looked fairly tall for a guard. If she has a decent outside shot, I don't see anyone blocking her. (#21 Jennifer DeGarmo

                        I'm starting to feel like a MSU fan who wants Barry gone. Barry does well enough to stay at MSU. Jane is not doing well but it seems to be good enough for Jim (JS). I find Jane's offensive strategy boring and highly predictable. If she could suit up Benjamin-Eze Frank, I think her strategy would work. I prefer to see guards have more freedom offensively. I'll be watching Brandy Dahir (assuming she is healthy) when Drake comes here rather than any particular WSU player, for example. I find Drake's play to be more interesting to watch than Jane's team.
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                        Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                          I agree, I like the Drake offensive system much better than the Shocks approach under Coach Albright.

                          Assuming Jill Martin and Jordann Plummer can successfully return season ending injuries a year ago, Drake will be very tough, and perhpas the league favorite.

                          I think Martin was the pre-season pick for POY last year and Plummer is a very solid point guard.

                          Last year, Dahir and Lindsey Whorton had to pick up the slack when Martin and Plummer went down and they did so admirably. But what impressed me most, was how the supporting cast just got better and better as the year progressed. A sign of good coaching.

                          In fact, when Drake beat the Shocks at Koch Arena last year, not only were they short Martin and Plummer but Dahir was ill and could not play. We did a good job on Whorton holding her to 9 points but Sophomores Kelsey Keizer and Ashleigh Brady together with Freshman Monique Jones combined for 49 points on 21 of 36 FG shooting.

                          Drake has all 5 starters returning from last year and a total of 4 other letter winners plus Martin and Plummer, if they have successfully recovered from their injuries.

                          I expect Drake to be very tough this year.


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                            Drake has to be the hands down favorite. They have too much returning not to be. The real question is whether or not Wichita State can avoid the unfortunate role of being picked last.

                            I think the jury is very much out on this squad after their performance at Shocker Madness. They don't have a lot of time, because the first five games of the season will send a clear message as to how this year will go.

                            I'm hoping for the best and think they can still come up with something that will work. As far as the offense, my guess is the staff is just getting around to that, after spending much of the fall on defense. The defense to me did look better, my guess is the offense will come around somewhat once they have everything installed (which they may or may not have at this point, but either way did not show it on Tuesday night).

                            Just my uneducated two cents..


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                              I expect the Shocks will be picked to finish 7th or 8th in the pre-season for whatever that's worth and that's about where I am expecting them to finish.

                              Bradley and UNI lost a lot of firepower and leadership from last year's teams.

                              MSU finished behind us last year but make a badly need coaching change which I think will be a big plus for the Lady Bears.

                              Question is will the Lady Shocks be able to significantly exceed these relatively low expectations. Let's hope they can.