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2017-18 Shocker Women's Golf

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    Taryn is such a quality person. She has worked with us on the last 2 Air Capital Classic golf tournaments. What a great asset she is. I hope this is only a minor setback for her.


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      The Shocks couldn't quite hold it together in the final round today without Taryn. Annika, Laine and Michelle were okay at a combined 6-over but Abbi stumbled a bit carding an 8-over 80 as the Shocks fall to an 8th place tie with K-State.



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        The Shocks head to the first ever AAC Touranment in Palm Coast, Florida beigning Sunday, April 15th. Don't I feel sorry for them.

        Shocks not really expected to do much as they are the #7 seed (out of 10 teams). I guess the most interesting aspect from a Shocker standpoint is that the current year Havoc in the Heartland trophy is probably on the line in this tournament. Tulsa, who currently is leading 28-26, can clinch the trophy if they finish higher than the Shocks and pick up the 6 points for doing so. They would lead by 8 with only 6 points remaining to be had. While the Shocks can't clinch the trophy they would put the T&F teams in a position to win it later in the Spring.

        Interestingly, Tulsa is the #8 seed despite finishing 10 strokes in front of the Shocks last weekend but that was played at the Tulsa Country Club so I assume familiarity benefited Tulsa.

        The Shocker and Hurricane will be paired together in Round 1. The teams are re-paired in Rounds 2 and 3 depending on the tournament results going into that round.


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          After Round 1 of the AAC Championships the Shockers are in 5th place at 14-over. The Shocks trail leader #23 ranked Houston by 11 shots. The Shocks lead Tulsa by 3 shots.

          The weakness of the Shocker team this year has been their lack of depth. Taryn Torgerson had a very fine 2-under par 70 to lead the Shocks and is tied for 2nd in the medal race. Laine Evans shot a solid 73 and Michelle Ledermann a 77. So just one more moderately decent round and the Shocks would be in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, Abbi Shaddix came in at 10-over 82 and Annika Chickering struggled mightily at 16-over 88 with Annika's score fortuantley thrown out. Annika's score was the highest in the tournament today.

          Live Stats


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            Scores were up pretty much across the board today. Perhaps tougher weather conditions or flag placesments or a combination of both.

            The Shocks managed to hold on to 5th place with a 28-over which was 14 strokes worse than their Round 1 score of 302. But pretty much the entire field shot higher today.

            The tournament is clearly separated into the Top 4 teams and the bottom 6 teams. The Top 4 teams range from 17 to 24 over par after 2 rounds. The bottom 6 teams lead by the Shockers range from 42 to 53 over par. So there are really two tournaments going on here. The Haves and the Have nots.

            Furthermore, there is a dual match going on between Wichita State and Tulsa for 6 Havoc in the Heartland points. The Shocks lead Tulsa by a slim 2 stroked margin as the Hurricane picked up a stroke in Round 2.

            Taryn Torgerson continues to lead the Shocks but she shot a 77 in Round 2 vs a 70 in Round 1. Taryn is now tied for 4th on the individual leaderboard. Laine Evans and Anna Chickering each shot 79 today and Abbi Shaddix shot 81. Michelle Ledermann had the throw away score at 83.

            Live Stats


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              Interesting that Wichita State and Tulsa have been paired together for all 3 rounds. The 1st round based on seeding and rounds 2 and 3 based on standings in the tournament.

              Also Tulsa is palying with only 4 players so they have no cushion if one of their players has a bad day.

              Any of 4 teams could win this tournament. Houston, Memphis, ECU and UCF. Houston is the leader and the favorite.

              The other 6 teams including the Shocks could all finish anywhere from 5th to 10th.

              Both groups are pretty tightly bunched.

              Early in the final round the Shocks have fallen from 5th to 6th. They trail Tulane by 1 shot. In the dual match with Tulsa they have stretched their lead from 2 strokes to 6 strokes but that's not a big lead in team golf and a lot of holes remaining.

              Taryn is 3-under on her 1st 6 holes and is know in 2nd place in the medalist standings 1 shot off the lead at even par.

              Abbie Shaddix is struggling for the Shocks at 9-over par after 9 holes. So any advantage the Shocks might have over Tulsa playing with only 4 players is pretty much gone.
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                Taryn picks up her 4th birdie on her opening 9 to go with 5 pars and has moved into a tie for 1st at the top of the individual leaderboard.
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                  Taryn with a blistering 32 (4 birdies no bogeys) on the front nine and is now tied for the lead. Impressive.


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                    Laine Evans also had a good opening 9 at 1-under par on 1 birdie and 8 pars.

                    Shocks moved back into 5th place 3 shots up on Tulane and have widend their lead over Tulsa to 9 shots.

                    However, looks like Annika Chickering went double-bogey and bogey on 14 and 15 and those are not yet reflected in the team scores. That will tighten things up considerably.

                    Annika's scores are now posted on the team scores. Tulane moves back into a tie with the Shocks for 5th. The are 3 shots up on Cincy and USF.

                    Shocks lead over Tulsa is now 65 shots.

                    Annika only has 3 more holes to play. She played those 3 holes in 3-over in Round 1 and 2-over in Round 2. Would like to see her get through those no worse than 1-over today. She would done and we would have our 3 best golfers remaining on the course.
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                      Annika got through those final 3 holes in even par with a par-birdie-bogey finish. Good for her. Very helpful to the Shocker's cause.

                      Taryn, Laine and Michelle have all finished 12 holes. Michelle played 10-11-12 in even par. Laine went birdie-birdie-bogey and Taryn went birdie-bogey-birdie on those holes.

                      The Shocks are back in sole possession of 5th place 2 storkes ahead of Tulane. Tulsa has fallen on hard times and now is in last place 18 storkes behind the Shocks so looks like the Shocks will be staying alive in the Havoc in the Heartland series for this year.

                      Taryn still tied at the top of the individual leaderboard at 2-under for the tournament.

                      Laine birdies 14 to go 3-under for her round today.

                      Taryn, Laine and Michelle are all through 15 holes at a combined 5-under par. Now leading Tulane by 5 storkes with only a total of 9 holes to finish.

                      The ECU player tied with Taryn at the top of the individual leaderboard still has 6 holes to play.

                      Houston is pulling away from the field a bit. Up 8 storkes on Memphis.
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                        Taryn with an Eagle 2 on the 347 yard 16th hole to go 7-under on the day and take a 2 shot lead at 4-under in the medalist race.

                        Taryn's looking to break her own school record low 18-hole score of 67 today. Taryn shares that record with Bryce Schroeder and Gretchen Huhnerkoch.
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                          Taryn with an eagle 2 on the par 4 16th to go 7 under on the day. She could break the club record, theoretically. The good Lord would never interrupt the greatest round of her life!

                          She leads by 2 strokes playing the 17th.


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                            That's weird. Now the live stats don't show Taryn's eagle?????????

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                          Michelle Ledermann finishes her round with a birdie to finish at 3-over 75. Her best round of the tournament and a nice bounce back from an 83 in Round 2.


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                            Noticed the same thing......certainly an eagle 2 is an oddity, I wonder if it was posted in error in the 1st place, now that no score is showing?


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                              That would seem to make the most sense. Not sure why they wouldn't have posted a corrected score though if that was the case especially since they have already recorded the socre from the following hole. Kind of strange.

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                            Live on Facebook.