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2019 AAC Softball Championship

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  • 2019 AAC Softball Championship

    Looks like the Shocks will be the 4 seed and will play 5 seed UCF on Thursday at 12:30 CDT.

    The winner of that game gets the winner of the game between 1 seed USF and 8 seed Memphis at 1:00 on Friday. No doubt that will be USF.

    I wouldn't be surprised if USF pitches their #2 starter against Memphis. Either way if the Shocks win they will no doubt see the UCF ace, Georgina Corrick, again.

    BTW, the AAC Softball Tournament is a single elimination tournament.
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    The complete final standings are below.

    17-4 USF
    16-5 Tulsa
    12-8 Houston - a game v Memphis was not played
    12-9 Shockers
    11-10 UCF
    8-13 UConn
    4-17 ECU
    3-17 Memphis

    Houston will host the AAC Championship.


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      flyingMoose how do think the Shocks will handle their pitching. Since you will only play 1 game per day and a total of 3 games at most do you think the Shocks will try to ride Erin as far as they can? Or might they consider going with Caitlyn against UCF?

      Caitlyn did not pitch at all against UCF while Erin pitched 17.2 innings in the 3 games series against UCF allowing only 4 runs. Do you go with Caitlyn who UCF has not seen this year or do you go with Erin who proved she could get UCF out?

      The Shocks scored 10 runs in the 3 UCF games which is about 2 runs below their AAC scoring average.

      With Catilyn pitching better lately I would be tempted to go with her but would necessarily have a short leash.


      • flyingMoose
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        Good question. Was this weekend a test of how they will approach the conference tournament - five innings out of Caitlin on the first day with Erin in relief, and then give the ball to Erin the next two days with Caitlin in relief?

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      RH article about Erin and the support/encouragement she gets from Bailey


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        Very nice Wichita Eagle article on Laurie Derrico. Laurie's time at Wichita State will continue next year as she will be the softball Director of Operations next year while she pursue's her Master's Degree. Lauri would like eventually to be a coach.


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          Question.... With our RPI now at 62 is there a chance for an at large bid? Mizzou isn't eligible and Baylor is below .500 on the year which opens up a couple spots...


          • shockerfanmas
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            Apparently Mizzou is eligible as they've appealed and won, from what I've heard

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          Originally posted by shocker#25fan View Post
          Question.... With our RPI now at 62 is there a chance for an at large bid? Mizzou isn't eligible and Baylor is below .500 on the year which opens up a couple spots...
          Not sure what 2 wins in the tournament would do to our RPI. UCF has an RPI of 51 and USF, the likely semi-final opponent if the Shocks beat UCF, has an RPI of 31. Getting 2 wins in the AAC Tournament will not be an easy task.

          There are 32 automatic bids which would leave 32 at-large bids. Assuming the top RPI team in each league gets the auto-bid (in other words no upsets) there are 39 other teams that currently have better RPI's than the Shocks. Could they pass 7 of those teams in RPI plus any stolen bids if they go 2-1 in the AAC Tournament. I suppose that is possible but not sure that it is very likely.

          I think the Shocks are operating under the assumption that their only route to the NCAA is to win the AAC Tournament.


          • flyingMoose
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            I would point out that Houston with an RPI of 39 is also ahead of the Shockers.

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          Originally posted by 1972Shocker View Post
          I think the Shocks are operating under the assumption that their only route to the NCAA is to win the AAC Tournament.
          That is the assumption I would be operating under.


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            Shockers Face UCF to Open Quest for Conference Championship

            SCOUTING UCF
            UCF is coming into the American Athletic Conference tournament having swept its last conference series at Memphis to cap off the regular season. The Knights have only allowed four runs in the last three games, with pitching being the story to the success of winning 34 games this season. Alea White is UCF's ace, having a 23-13 record with a 1.59 earned run average. She has led the team in strikeouts with 170, with Breann Vasquez adding quality depth to the pitching staff by adding 115 strikeouts with a 1.72 ERA. On offense, the Knights have seven players hitting .282 or better. Cassady Brewer leads the charge with 46 hits and 16 doubles with a .341 batting average. Tamesha Glover and Karissa Ornelas are also weapons on offense, having combined for 65 hits and 31 RBIs.

            I would take into account that Memphis finished last in the AAC at 3-17. 2 of Memphis' AAC wins were against ECU who finished a half game ahead of Memphis at 4-17. There other win was over 6th place UConn. Memphis went 0-14 against the top 5 teams in the conference. USF swept Memphis by a total of 13-4 this past weekend. 4 weeks ago the Shocks swept Memphis by a combined 33-10. So I am not sure UCF's sweep of Memphis is particular;ly noteworthy.

            That said UCF does have very good pitching with Jr. Alea White and Fr. Breanna Vasquez. So as has often been the case this year it appears to be the Shocks strong hitting vs UCF's strong pitching. However, the Shockers may be pitching about as good as they have this season lately. Erin McDonald has an ERA of 1.25 in her last 8 appearances covering 36.1 innings. Caitlin Bingham as an ERA of 3.56 over her last 8 starts (excluding the OU game). While not world beating that's a huge improvement over the basket case Caitlin had become prior to that. The key for Caitlin is can she command the strike zone.

            The Shocker defense has been very good this year which is important because neither Erin or Caitlin are big strikeout pitchers.

            The Shockers eeked out a series win against UCF this season by scores of 2-3, 6-3 and 2-1. No reason to think this game won't be another tightly contested battle.


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              In the latest Coaches Poll, Tulsa is #25 and USF is RV. In the ESPN Poll, both teams are RV.


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                The Conference Softball Award Winners have been announced.

                Shockers on the First Team are

                C - Madison Perrigan
                1B - Ryleigh Buck
                SS - Laurie Derrico
                3B - Sydney McKinney (also on the All-Rookie Team)

                Second Team

                P - Erin McDonald

                To no one's surprise, Georgina Corrick of USF is the Pitcher of the Year. The Players of the Year, both seniors, are Sarah Barker of Houston and Julia Hollingsworth of Tulsa.


                • 1972Shocker
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                  Well deserve recognition. Congratulations Ladies.

                  All of these Shockers except Laurie Derrico will be back next year.

                • shockerfanmas
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                  Ryleigh will be back as well?? I thought she was a senior

                • 1972Shocker
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                  Ryleigh is a junior. Only seniors are Laurie, Asea, Mauriana and Bethany.

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                RH: AAC preview with softball pitching coach Ryne Stefankiewicz

                Wichita State softball pitching coach Ryne Stefankiewicz discusses the Shocker mood entering the conference tournament, Erin McDonald’s rise and Caitlin Bingham’s roller-coaster season.



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                  Game One

                  USF 8-0(6) Memphis
                  Corrick pitches a one-hitter with nine strikeouts.


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                    Game Two

                    Erin is in the circle for the Shockers against UCF.

                    The Shocks get on the board in the second. With two outs, singles by Adi, Wylie and Sydney score a run.

                    UCF ties the game in the fifth with a solo home run.

                    The singles in the second are the only hits for the Shockers through the first five innings.

                    With two outs in the sixth, the Knights load the bases with a walk, single and walk before Erin gets a fly out to end the inning.

                    In the bottom half, Neleigh homers with one out. Lauren follows with a single, but the Shocks cannot move her pinch-runner around. 2-1 Shockers after six.

                    In the seventh, a pop-up, strikeout (from a 3-0 count), and another strikeout (both looking) seal the deal.

                    Shockers 2-1 UCF

                    Not much offense (five hits), but Erin holds the Knights in check, giving up six hits and three walks with five strikeouts.

                    Watching the Replay: Neleigh hit a bomb for her home run. The UCF pitcher left the ball in the middle of the plate, and Neleigh did not miss it. The three Shocker singles in the second were more well-placed than well-hit.

                    Post-season play for the NCAA is using four umpires for the first time, and there are four for this conference tournament.
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                      Just got home from my grandson's track meet in Pretty Prairie. I am chilled to the bone. I checked on the game once and UCF had just tied the game at 1. After that I was too cold to check. Very glad to see the Shocks survive and advance.

                      Looks like the bottom of the order plus Erin's work in the circle were just enough to get by.

                      No doubt the Shocks will see Corrick tomorrow.