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AVCA Poll (Nov. 26) and Attendance rankings

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  • AVCA Poll (Nov. 26) and Attendance rankings

    We dropped out of the AVCA and are now at #26.

    But we maintained our attendance ranking at #7.

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    Where do you think we will be ranked after we dispose of Western Kentucky and Nebraska?


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      26th. But who cares??? We'll be in the Sweet 16, baby!!!!


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        I don't think rankings matter past this point.


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          You're absolutely right. They don't. Just thought I'd put the most current info on the board.

          Although I think the attendance ranking is significant! :yes:


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            Do the regional attendance figure into the attendance figures?

            Where did WSU finish last season in attendance? It's pretty impressive for a "Smaller school" to be in the top 10 for a couple of years.


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              Don't quote me, but I think they finished 10th last year.

              There are four MVC teams in the top 21, although CU's numbers are inflated due to a tournament at the quest involving Nebraska and Cal Poly, where both Nebraska and CU were credited with home games.


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                Actually my comment was made with my tongue firmly planted in cheek.

                I guess it says something positive that I can post a comment about disposing of Nebraska with no reaction one way or the other about thaqt.

                I think it is pretty obvious that rankings from this point out are meaningless. In fact, does the AVCA even issue a final poll after the Tournament?

                I guess I should be a little more direct. What say you Shocker fans - do we have any chance at all at knocking of Nebraska in Lincoln?

                I think we have a chance, but this would be a HUGE upset. The Shocks will have to play at the very top of thier abilities individually and as a team and Nebraska will have to be a little off their game for us to have a chance IMHO.

                BTW, Sara Lungren on 2nd hour of Sports Daily this morning.


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                  1972, as much as I'd like for it to, it just ain't gonna happen.


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                    Originally posted by rrshock
                    1972, as much as I'd like for it to, it just ain't gonna happen.
                    Realist! 8)


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                      They do release a poll after the tournament is over. In 2005 the coaches kept us at #25 in the nation even though we didn't make the tournament.