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Shocker VB at Kansas Invitational

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  • Shocker VB at Kansas Invitational

    From the post on the Shocker site, it appears we will appear in this one.

    Kent State on Friday at 11 am.

    Kansas on Friday at 7 pm.

    Delaware on Saturday at 11 am.

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    Hard to say how much work they have been able to get in since the opening weekend at Arkansas State. Of course. we have no clue what exactly happened to cause the withdrawal from last week's South Dakota State Tournament.

    I guess it will be interesting to see if the Shocks come out in a 5-1 offense again and who will get the call at the setting position. Hopefully, the passing will be better than it was at the Arkansas State tournament.

    The Shocks have not had much success against KU during Lambo's tenure at 1-6. I think they have a chance against KU but they will need to play better than the did two weekends ago. With the Covid interruption that may be too much to ask. Kent State has played 8 matches Including their exhibition against West Virginia. Delaware has played 6 matches. KU has played 6 matches including their exhibition against Washburn. That certainly doesn't work in the Shocks' favor.

    Again, no Shocker radio broadcast. Lives stats only for Kent State and Delaware. The KU match is on ESPN+.


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      Quote from an Eagle article which I think is actually a quote from the Coach's Show:

      " ... But where Lauren ran away with it was her front-row numbers were really good because she could keep it high enough for (hitter) Brylee Kelly. Lauren is also the best blocker out of the group and when you start digging into the rallies, she was the best in terms of moving the scoreboard for us.”

      That helps explain the good weekend that Brylee had two weeks ago.


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        RH article about Sophie Childs.

        The lead sentence is "Wichita State will play volleyball this weekend with a roster shortened by COVID-19 protocols." We will know the details soon I assume.

        The following played five sets v Arkansas State two weekends ago.
        Morgan W

        Playing three sets were
        Lauren Mc
        Lauren P
        Morgan S
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          Kansas 3-0 Delaware
          15, 22, 15

          Delaware is probably the third strongest team in Lawrence with Kent State being the weak sister of the group.
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            Starters vs Kent State:

            Kayce, Kailin, Sophia, Natalie, Big Mac, Lily and Annalie.

            No Brylee.


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              Shockers v Kent State

              Set One

              Kayce, Kailin, Annalie, Natalie, Lauren Mc, Sophia, and Lily are the starters. No Brylee yet. Sigh.

              6-0 and Kent State takes a TO. Two kills by Lauren, one by Sophia, two service aces by Kayce.

              8-0 before the Golden Flashes get a kill to get on the board.

              At 9-3, Sophie subs in.

              A 5-0 run including three service aces by Lily brings the score to 14-4.

              16-5 and the second TO by Kent State. I think the Shocks have had a full rotation, and Brylee has not appeared.

              A four-bagger by Kent gets the score to 19-10. At 20-13, the Shocks take a TO.

              25-15. That was impressive and then it wasn't and then it was. A 5-1 stretch to end the set.

              .286 v 179. Lauren was 6-0-6 and Sophia was 3-1-9. Kailin and Sophie each with a kill. One service error and six aces for the Shockers.
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                Set Two

                Same starters for the Shocks. In addition to Brylee, Bryn and Morgan W are the other "five-setters" who have not made an appearance, perhaps due to COVID protocols.

                After a series of sideouts, Kent gets four in a row to take a 5-8 lead. The Shocks come right back with five of their own to take a 10-8 lead. TO for the Golden Flashes.

                At 16-14, the Shocks have had five service errors.

                Lara Uyar of Turkey, a DS, rotates in for Sophia at 17-15. And she has a kill and then Sophia is back in? Hmm.

                21-17 and Kent takes their last TO.

                From 19-17, the Shocks close out the set at 25-20 on a kill by Sophia.

                Now .322 v .185. Five service errors did not help.

                Lauren Mc is 10-1-13 for .692. Sophia is 7-2-16, and Kailin is 6-3-15.
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                  Set Three

                  Sophie and Lara are starters this time, replacing Kailin and Annalie it appears.

                  I wonder if Brylee not being on the court is part of Kayce getting the nod at setter over Lauren P. That and her rescuing the match against Arkansas State.

                  Kailin and Annalie rotate in at 3-5.

                  Trading one point for two is not working. 6-12 and a TO for the Shocks.

                  The Shockers get three in a row, the first time something more than one, to get to 10-14.

                  A 5-1 scoring run and Kent takes a TO at 16-17. Three kills by Sophia in that stretch.

                  The run continues to 19-17 before Kent moves their side of the board. Three attack errors by the Shocks and it is 19-20.

                  A kill by Natalie and her service ace brings the score to 22-21. TO Golden Flashes.

                  A kill and a block by Kent. 22-23 and a Shocker TO.

                  23-25. On to Set Four.

                  Now .253 v .250 for the match. Sophia with thirteen kills, Lauren Mc with eleven, and Kailin with eight.
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                    Set Four

                    Kayce, Kailin, Sophie, Natalie, Lauren Mc, Sophia, and Lily are the starters.

                    Kills by Kailin, Sophie, Sophia, Sophia, and an attack error to start the set. 5-0 and a Kent TO.

                    *** Lunch Break ***

                    7-6 and then a 5-0 run, a 4-0 run, and a 5-0 run are part of building a 21-11 lead.

                    25-14 and 3-1 with the set ending on a kill by Sophia.

                    For the match, .269 v .203. Kill leaders were Sophia 18-5-38 for .342, Lauren Mc 11-1-19 for .474, and Kailin 10-7-35 for .086. Sophie and Natalie each had seven kills.

                    SE/SA were 9/10 for the Shocks v 10/1. Blocks were seven for each team.
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                      I am going to miss the match tonight against KU. I will be cheering on the Maize HS Marching Band.


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                        Originally posted by flyingMoose View Post
                        I am going to miss the match tonight against KU. I will be cheering on the Maize HS Marching Band.
                        As will I, but with this being on ESPN+ a replay will be available.

                        Hard to say much about a match where you can only follow the stats. 10 service errors is certainly pretty impressive but whether that is reflection of hitting tough serves are having an opponent that is weak in serve receive is hard to say. Perhaps a combination of the two. I have mentioned previously that I have been impressed with Natalie's serving and she and Lily each had 3 services aces. Kayce picked up her two aces on the 2nd and 3rd points of the match with Kailin added the other 2 aces.

                        Overall the flow of play seemed to be a bit choppy with the teams alternating good and bad stretches with the Shockers having better good stretches for the most part.

                        Set 1: 8-0, 0-3, 11-2, 1-9, 5-1 = 25-15
                        Set 2: 5-8, 7-1, 9-9, 4-2 = 25-20
                        Set 3: 7-14, 12-3, 4-8 = 23-25
                        Set 4: 5-0, 4-6, 12-5, 4-3 = 25-14

                        Cumulative Segment Scores: 8 Best Shocker Segments = 64-14 (+50). 8 Best Golden Flash Segments = 60-34 (+26). Overall point totals: Shockers 98 - Kent State 74 (+24)

                        Shockers who DNP in this match: Brylee Kelly, Morgan Stout, Morgan Weber, Bryn Stansberry and Lauren Phillips. My guess is all victims of Covid protocols with perhaps the exception of Lauren Phillips. Hard to say whether she made the trip or has just been beaten out for now by Kaytce Litzau.
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                          Set Three used a different starting lineup/rotation. I wonder if that caused a lack of rhythm and matchup problems that got adjusted to too late. The Shocks did have a 22-21 lead late but could not hold on to it.


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                            Shockers at Kansas

                            Shockers 0-3 KU
                            22, 20, 16

                            .180 v .274. Kailin 11-4-24 for .292, Lauren Mc 5-1-10 for .400, Sophie 4-2-22 for .091, Natalie 4-0-13 for .308, and Sophia 1-3-13 for -.154!!


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                              Other Saturday

                              Kent State 3-2 Delaware
                              22, 21, (22), (18), 9