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2018-19 Lambo Radio Shows

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  • 2018-19 Lambo Radio Shows

    Lambo will hold court on Monday, August 24th with his 2018-19 season opening radio show (KFH 1240 AM/97.5 FM) at 6:00 pm from AJ's Sports Grill at The Alley.

    There will be no show on Labor Day, t 2nd. The next show will be on Monday, September 9th.

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    Probably the bottom-line take away from tonights coach's show is that Lambo is really thinking more in terms of what they can do this year to setup for next year and beyond. Said he has another very good recruiting class coming in again next year. Not that he is throwing in the towel on this season but he only has 5 players who have played in a D-1 match for the Shockers and it sounds like one of those, Kora Kauling is not likely to play much this year as she wasn't even mentioned when he discussed the setters. He does have Dmadj Johnson, a senior transfer from Indiana State also. He made a comment that makes me wonder if he is not thinking about redshirting Brooke Smith this year. He had planned on giving Brooke a needed redshirt but injuries sidelined those plans. In any case, this is a pretty young team and he may well end up playing more true freshmen than has typically done. But he says many of the 1st year players are talented enough to help this team. That would inlcude Kayce Litzau, who he spoke about in glowing terms, Sophia Rohling, Sina Uluave, Nicole Anderson and Arianna Arjomand. The Shocks also have two players coming off redshirt years in Brylee Kellly and Chinelo Ogogor. Brylee had a very good spring and summer and has gotten much stronger and Chinelo should be in the mix once she completes the rehab on her shoulder which may be a couple more weeks. Sounds like his goal for this season is to consistently grow and improve and hopefully find a way to get into the AAC Tournament and then perhaps catch fire and steal an NCAA bid.

    He didn't talk about what kind of offense the Shocks will run. My money is on a 6-2 but we will see. He is definitely counting on Mikayla and thinks Kayce will be a very good player for the Shocks at the setter position. I see Emma, Dmadj and Chinelo getting most of the floor time at the middle positions. Not sure about Brooke. I think Kara and Arianna will get most of the playing time at the L/DS positions. Megan,Sophia, Brylee, Sina and Nicole will mostly likely all get to show what they can do on the outside.

    He wasn't sure at all about who he might redshirt and it didn't sound like he had focused on that too much at this point.

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      is there a podcast for this?

      EDIT...found it.
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        This weeks edition


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          One thing that was confirmed was that Brooke Smith is redshirting this year or at least trying to. They wanted to redshirt her as a freshman and as a sophomore but injuries forced Lambo to play her in both of those years. If Chinelo had not been released to play they would have had to play Brooke when Damadj went down in the San Jose State match.

          Brooke wants the redshirt year so hopefully we can get through the season without any more injuries to our middles.


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            Lambo said that two of the middles from last year transfered because they thought their playing time would diminish with Chinelo coming off her redhsirt year. Lambo mentioned no names but presumably that would have been Abby Pugh and Grace Burken.
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              According to the San Diego State athletics website, Abby has yet to make it into a match this season and Grace isn't on the Iowa State roster and I can't find any other information on her.

              Chase Jackson is on the roster at Incarnate Word but hasn't seen action & Regan Stiawalt was leading McNeese State in scoring when it appears she may have sustained an injury. She has not appeared in the last 4 matches for her team.

              Alayna Maslinski went home to Tennessee and is playing for D2 Christian Brothers University in Nashville. She is the 1 in their 5-1 and the stats say she's doing a nice job for her team.

              Can't find any information on any of the others on the roster last year but not this year. Only thing I know is that Makenna Miller is not playing volleyball and yet is more fit than any 10 people here, combined.
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                Tabitha is playing at Rice, of course. She has played in every set and is fitting in well - that is, playing a minor role on quite a good team. She is 12-10-57 for .035. That is the seventh most swings on the team.

                Could she start on this year's Shocker team?

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              Coach's show starting late tongiht. 6:15 start time. A techincial issue. They have been talking for 15 minutes and thought they were on the air. Imagine that techical issues on a Kennedy internet stream.

              Need to get in system more. Should be getting the ball to the middles 3 times as much as they have been.

              Megan is the best on the team when she gets a good ball in system but is the worst on the team in scrambles and on less than ideal situations.

              Emphasising scramble situations in practice this week. Considering how little we are in system this year that is even more important than usual but is an area this team is behind the curve on.

              Dmadj took a few swings in practice today. Still can't move laterally but hopefully not too much longer before she can be fully released to return. Dmadj leads the team in hitting percentage.

              Sina and Nicole both need to bet more consistent. Not unusual for 1st year players. It really is an issue teamwide. At this point the Coaches really don't know what their best lineup is.

              Didn't say much about the setting situation other than 2 years after the great Emily Hiebert we should be a lot better than we are in that role.

              Talked about how good his 2008 team was in scramble situations. In fact, the had a lower attack error rate in scramble situations than they did in system. He said, they would send the ball over and block it or dig it. That team included Emily Stockman, Kelly Broussard, Mary Elizabeth Hooper, Melissa Granville, Lindsey Eckenrode (pre-injury), Amanda Backes, Kaite Niggemeyer and Sarah McGee.

              When asked if he could bring back two former players to come in and talk to his team about out-of-system play he mentioned Emily Stockman and Sarah McGee. Said he thought Sarah was one of the more underrated players he has coached. Said if he had time to think about he could probably come up with 10 names.

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                WuDrWu would never underrate Sarah McGee.