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Tabitha Brown leaving the program?

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  • Tabitha Brown leaving the program?

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    Was she not a senior this past season?
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      I believe she was a senior, but received an extra year of eligibility from the NCAA. Probably wouldn’t happen with a men’s (maybe women’s?) basketball player.

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    The news on Tabitha broke on November 24th (Senior Day) and was discussed a little bit on this thread starting with comment #9.1 (which I think was actually intended to respond to post #10).

    The most detail I have heard previously was watching the replay of the November 24th North Texas match and Shane Dennis reported that Tabitha had been granted an additional year of eligibility which, according to Shane, Lambo called it an unprecedented and unusual ruling by the NCAA and Shane also said that Tabitha will decide at a later date whether she wants to continue her volleyball career at Wichita State.

    After that we have had no news on Tabitha's status.

    That said I don't think her transferring (if this tweet is accurate) is a big surprise. Bringing her back on scholarship would have required Lambo to renege on an existing scholarship commitment although perhaps Abby Pugh transferring may have freed up a scholarship. So who knows.


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      From where I was sitting this year, this is great news. It's time to let a new set of players develop.


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        Totally agree Moose!