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2018 Lambo Radio Shows

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  • 2018 Lambo Radio Shows

    Thought maybe a single thread to follow Lambo's radio shows might be an efficient use of board space.

    Lambo's first show is on FM 98.78 or AM 1330 this coming Monday, September 10th, at 6:00-6:30 pm and continuing in that time slot weekly through October. Beginning in November he moves to the 5:30-6:00 pm time slot (with replays at 8:00-8:30 pm on 1330 I think).

    In the meantime, Paul Suellentrop has a his 1st Episode of Season 2 of his Roundhouse Podcasts out which is a a very good 15 minute interview with Shocker Associate Head Coach Sean Carter.
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    Mike reported that the lastest AVCA poll BYU is #1, Stanford is #2, Creighton #20 and Iowa State RV#26.

    Lambo said he thinks we will really be impressed with Cal Polcy this coming weekend.

    Yeah, we're 4-4 but Lambo thinks they are growing. He saw a different look and feel in the Creighton match. He thinks they knew Creigthton was the better team but still battled hard and competed.

    Megan Taflinger has been fantastic considering the opponents that she has been putting up good numbers on.

    Lambo schedules to give his kids a shot at post-season play without it being conference-or-bust proposition.

    With added substitutions you will see more 6-2 offenses. If you jump into the 6-2 you should hve more firepower but generally may give up some ballhandler. With a 5-1 the question is do you have enough balance with your offense. He doesn't really know right now if he has enough pieces to play a 5-1 effectively. Jenna Mak has not participated in practice this year due to an injury and that has impacted his decision to go with the 6-2.

    Last year Emily graded out at 90%+ on her decision making and location. This year they are closer to 70%. But he also remembers when Emily couldn't do any of this stuff very well.

    He said they better not sleep on Stephen F. Austin. If they are in system they will hit it hard and run a lot of slides.

    Cal Poly's Torrey Van Winden was not a 1st team All-American last year but Lambo thought she should have been.


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      First ever 1 hour show with Lambo. I like it.

      Still experimenting trying to find out what works best for this team. Lambo said he doesn't need to have the score in his favor to feel good or to feel validated about what his team is doing. Either you or you learn or hopefully you do both. Pushing a good team is more valuable than beating a bad team.

      Lambo feels like he owes his team the opportunity to play the best and he will continue to do his best to schedule tough. Plus it gives his teams a chance to make the tournament without winning the conference.

      The same things that the Shock need to bet better at are also things that put then at risk against poorer teams.

      1 out of 5 service returns against Stephen F. Austin were either service aces or were overpassed.

      BYU better than Lambo was expecting. JMU was more physical than the Shocks all over the place. Also Stephen F. Austin shows how valuable experience is in volleyball. He is not really surprised the SFA was more prepared to play than the Shocks which Lambo didn't like to admit.

      Still shuffling the cards and he would like to get that behind him sooner than later but so far they are still too inconsistent.

      When the dump truck your up against with your pickup truck gets better gas mileage than you than good luck keeping up. Teams like BYU, Stanford, Creighton and BYU were kind of like that. Bigger and more skilled is hard to overcome.

      One and a half things have caused them the most problems. 1 is errors. The half is how do you deal with and react to those errors.Right now he has been trying to adjust out of those funks but maybe they should just stay with what they are doing and work toward execution.

      One of the positives of this past weekend was Tabitha's play. He moved Tabitha from the left to the right just to give her a different look. There is a lot more on Tabitha's plate this year than in the past. But she has done very well on the back row as long as it doesn't wear her out.

      Lambo said he knows he is giving up some passing with how this team has to play but what they need in return is more firepower which they haven't shown consistently yet although he thinks the talent is there.

      Austin Hosto took over for a few minutes and talked about serving, digging, passing and blocking. So far stats show that they have to out dig their opponents by a significant % to win. Simplified the blocking schemes and plan this past weekend and it did work better.

      Kennedy guarantees the Shockers will not go 20-0 this year. Primarily because they only have 18 matches. Lambo calls conference play the oven of mediocrity because everything in the league is 0.500 so the only place to make hay is in the non-con portion of the schedule. Lambo doesn't feel sorry for anybody who doesn't want to go out and schedule tough. Most of the big girls only want to play 1 match a day. The NCAA doesn't care how many matches you play on a day they just limit how many play dates you have. So getting those extra play dates for the non-con help when scheduling the big girls.

      Lambo was surprised with how much Tulane lost last year especially after he saw them in person when the Shocks played them in New Orleans. However, he said at this point his focus will still be more on working on the Shocker weaknesses than on match planning for Tulane and Memphis.

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        Should be an interesting Lambo radio show tonight from 6-7 pm.

        98.7 FM and 1330 KNSS