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It slowed down in here

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  • It slowed down in here

    Did anyone else notice that once Stutz committed, it seemed to really slow down the recruiting forum? Maybe we are all very happy with what happened and are satisfied if that is all we get, but I figured there would still be alot of posting in here.

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    Recruiting won't heat up again until the spring.

    We signed 3 impressive recruits, and if it becomes clear a current player isn't fitting in, look for us to sign 1 or 2 more.
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      Considering all available scholarships are full I wouldn't expect to see too much for a little while. We may see a few things to note during the signing period but it'll probably be a little slow for the next month or two. Unless the '09 stuff starts to pick up.
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        I doubt CGM will want to upset the apple cart when he hasn't even played one game in the MVC. If there are additional signings I would expect them in the spring.
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          I've been in the "expect only three signing this Fall" camp for about a week now. That is probably wrong. Look at the Kyles' thread.
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            I just saw that. Very interesting. I would be excited if Kyles signed early!
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