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So who do we go after now?

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    WU---Here is the deal. FSF has been accused of being an eternal optimist. Kind of like the cat who jumps off the Empire State Building and half-way down exclaims---"so far so good."

    My blueprint is a long-shot indeed. However, you can trust your bottom dollar to know this Coaching Staff will take us forward from here. It may not be the exact players that I hope we get. However, our team that rolled into the Sweet 16 a few years ago was not a group of Superstars. However, we played together, we had quality depth, and we had Paul Miller having a su-weet Senior year leading us.

    In due time, we will be Dancing again. To get Frank and Noel may be a real long shot. However, this Coaching Staff will not be frail about recruiting and landing the very best players in here possible. The sky is the limit--- and it is not falling--- and we are about to have a really fun year of Shocker Hoops. Our stingy defense, a revival of the full court press, and some quality depth, will land us ahead of what we accomplished last year this very Season in my opinion. Look for PJ to have a banner year and a solid leader on both sides of the court.
    Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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      Originally posted by WstateU
      Originally posted by wushock
      Forever do you really think this could ever happen.. Man you must be drinking something strong
      Whatever it is, I want some of it!
      Way back when I was at WSU, my brother, also at WSU entered a contest to win a car. He had to chase that car all over town to figure out the mileage on the odometer to the .1 of a mile. I thought he was drinking more than Kool-Aid. But you know what? He was one of 24 people who guessed the exact mileage (by filling out about 100,000 entries), and I'll be d$^&ned if he didn't get his name drawn out of the hat....and he won.

      So FSF, drink all of the Kool-Aid you want, or eat all of the Cheese....whatever it takes.... You can't win if you don't play...

      Kansas is Flat. The Earth is Not!!


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        I think if Orukpe makes it, that we would have a good chance to get Frank, seeing how they were teammates, friends, and from the same town.

        And we would have plenty of time to get the paperwork done for Frank ... LOL
        But here are some other names Sulleuntrop threw out in his forum. What do we know about these other big men possibilities:

        Q Paul, with WSU having one remaining scholarship for 2008 and you mentioned that we still need a big man. Could you throw some names out there that you think we might have a chance at. You had mentioned Stutts (I believe that is how it's spelled). Thanks,
        Anonymous, Wichita, Ks 9/25/07

        A Garrett Stutz is a possiblity, although I've seen a report that lists Iowa State as his favorite. Evan Ravenel visits Virginia Tech this weekend. His dad said he is considering WSU, Virginia Tech, Tulane and Penn State and will likely decide in early October. Alex Rivas at Pratt Community College is considering WSU, among many schools. Those are the big men I've had some kind of contact with. Rivals lists Tyrone McNeal and Steven Toyloy of Miami-Dade Community College, Andrew Davis of Garland, Texas, Eric Milam of Friendswood, Texas, Brandon Moore of New Orleans, Demarco Stepter of Motlow (Tenn.) State as possible big men. However, I can't guarantee those are updated. I'm sure there are other possibilities out there, as well. WSU has three seniors (Couisnard, Braeuer, Thomasson) and one oral commitment (Toure Murry) at this point. It's possible WSU won't stop at three new players. We may not know that until the spring signing period.
        Paul Suellentrop 9/26/07

        What about this Tyrone McNeal, Steven Toyloy, Andrew Davis, Eric Milam,
        Demarco Stepter? What is the status on them?


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          Originally posted by wu_shizzle
          This is who I want:


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            If we are sure Orupke will be here and play this fall, then let's get a high school 4. If he's not coming, or won't be here in time to get some experience, then we oughta go get a juco 5. Just my take......


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              Remember George Mason's Team of the Final 4? Yes, they had some good inside players, but they had at least 3 solid guards that could shoot lights out and score.

              This year and next, I really like our guards. I see the foundation of a Dream-Team blueprint beginning to develop here as I think of next year. Yes, loosing PJ and MB wil be a hit but I can't wait to witness their Senior Years. However, AJ can score and "D up at 6'5"." We should have GM and WP returning and improved with experience in this new System. CH will be a huge sign and TM will be a zone buster. Hatch will be a hard nose player that will be solid and very coachable. Therefore, we have a nucleus of guards that won't skip at beat no matter which ones are on the floor this year or next which is a nice luxury that we have not always had here in times past.

              Our Small Forwards MG and AE are both keepers and will be tough matches for our opponets to guard this coming year.

              I still think we have a shot at Frank and maybe one more big man as things develop. EO will be swatting opponets shots away as he develops his offense. The sooner his arrival here occurs, the better we here on SN will like it. Mr. Clemente Sir should handle the PF spot finer then a frog hair this year and next. PT could really zone into a nice finish this year. He showed positive flashes last year and will have direction in blending in with his skills to become more consistant to help us his Senior year.

              Yes, the following year, I really think we have at least a decent shot at Noel. However, AE should actually proove to be better then advertised and hard by then to not start him if he is as good as I think he will be. I'm not sure if Arbury Butler could also play SF unless he improves his shooting touch. Burley is also known as a good shooter.

              So the last recruit or 2 we sign will most likely be big men. The recruits this new coaching regime are bringing in here to be Shockers are very impressive and evidence of many Shocker wins to follow. I have always felt that wins are indirectly earned later as a result of the recruits you bring in now. So far, I am beyond impressed with the core of new recruits heading here to 21st and Hillside. We have to give this fresh new team time to come together this year and it will be a joy to see them develop more team chemistry as the year develops.
              Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                I really don't think that FSF's dream team is that far off the mark. I even think that CGM will surprise us with a recruit that is not currently on the radar that will go way beyond FSF's dream team.


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                  Seems like we are still showing lots of interests in guards, even for 09, and we seem to be set for guards currently, and next 2 years.

                  Is the staff going for a big man or two that is not on the radar? Ones that might not be listed on Rivals or Scout?


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                    The names some big men that we have or are recruiting have not been mentioned on Shockernet.
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                      Feel free to mention them.
                      Livin the dream


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                        OK, I'll name one. Lester Ferguson.
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                          Sully in today's Eagle.........

                          Q...I saw that David Kyles is planning on visiting WSU this coming weekend. The word is he is a very athletic shooting guard that has great upside. In addition Garrett Stutz, a 6'11" big man out of KC that is starting to get more and more attention from some big time programs (Kentucky, Marquette, etc.), stated that WSU is in his top 4. Where is WSU's biggest need at this point in their recruiting and would Marshall consider signing both recruits given the opportunity despite WSU having only one remaining scholarship for next year?

                          Shocker Fan, Wichita, KS 10/16/07

                          A...I think WSU's biggest need is a big man. Next might be another point guard. Marshall, like all competent coaches, keeps recruiting all the time. As we saw last season, you never know how a roster is going to shake out with injuries, transfers, etc. WSU thought it had Ejike Hart, until late in the summer. Even though there are three scholarship seniors on WSU's roster, I wouldn't assume WSU will sign only three.

                          Paul Suellentrop 10/17/07


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                            I assume that was a recruit sitting behind the players last night with his parents? Red hat, talked with the team a lot.
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                              He was a taller guy was he not? I remember seeing him from across the way but have no clue who it may be.
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                                Tuesday night . . . parents with him . . . probably a local (or fairly local) kid. Could it have been the kid from East (Holliman?)?