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    Looks like we have been talking to him. The article also lists Temple, La Salle, and Iowa.

    "If he was 6-3, he'd probably be a McDonald's All-American,'' St. Charles West coach Terry Hollander said. "I had Ryan Robertson in 1995 and he was a McDonald's All-American. The only difference was he was 6-4 compared to 5-11."

    Still, Soderberg is averaging 24.7 points a game and making two out of every three shots he takes. He's just a shade under 50 percent on 3-point shots.

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    Well coach did take a trip to St Louis to watch some recruits. I think it was speculated this was whom we were watching but this confirms it.



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      Hmmm. Son of a coach.


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        Scout 2*


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          A Scout 2* rating isn't much to go on but I'll use it anyway.

          If he's truly serious about going to the Final Four in uniform, he might want to see if Coach K has any of those 4-year dedicated bench seats available.


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            if he wants to become a better player and learn under a great coach he should come to Wichita. Also, STL is not that far from Wichita, 6 hours.
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              And we play half our games closer to St. Louis than Wichita.

              He is a maker, a JJ Redick type player. I remember Robertson, and he was pretty good right away for (cough) ku and was praised for being fundamentally sound and well coached in High School.


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                No surprise on this. I was interested in his saying he is not necessarily looking at going to the same school that his father ends up at. There has been speculation that he and his father are looking for a two for one. A real shooter but other parts of his game are said to be lacking. We like makers and not shooters but even at 5-11, perhaps a designated shooter could be useful.
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                  Kramer scores 37 and hits a last second 3 pointer to extend his season.
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                    He sounds like someone we need to keep an eye on, and that he would try to reach his true potential in college. Our coach and school would be a good fit for him, and we could really use his 3 point shooting ability.


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                      Averaging 25 ppg, 48% 3PG, 83% FT.

                      Recorded is 2,000th career point back in January.



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                        Doesn't he lack some quickness?
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                          I couldn't find anything that said he lacks quickness. I did find something that said he was good at driving to the basket.

                          I like him. Coach's son is a +, absolutely loves basketball, hard worker.

                          Found article that said he has added muscle, and this link lists him at
                          5'11" and 180 lbs:

                          These stats look pretty darn good to me:



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                            He could be a steal for someone. Since it was assumed that he would play for his dad at St. Louis until his dad was fired, it probably leaves his recruiting more open than it would have been otherwise since a lot of teams probably didn't bother with him under the assumption he was already taken and he didn't focus on AAU as much as other guys because he didn't need to showcase himself (or so he thought).
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                              I'd take another Mullins that shoots 53% from 3 with a 2.5 A/TO ratio.

                              The 25 points a game is nice too.
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