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Roberto Mafra - Signed with San Diego

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  • Roberto Mafra - Signed with San Diego

    6'10" 235 C. West Burlington (IA) Southeaster C.C. Class of '08

    No offers.

    Looks from Indiana State, Wichita State, Idaho State and Murray State
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    Roberto is from Brazil. He leads his team in ppg (16.4)and rpg (7.75). I think the team record is something around 4 and 4.
    In the fast lane


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      Im going to be in Burlington for X-mas. I'll get in and check him out. Tried to check website, it's not up right now.


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        He is averaging 3.5 blocks per game and shooting over 72% from the FT line. Also averages 3 t/o per game and is 2nd on the team in steals


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          JucoJuction article on Mafra...

          A bit old...

          Roberto Mafra: (SO) 6-foot-10 (235) from Brazil.
          "Roberto has really been solid for us this season. He has made great progress from last season and he must continue to work hard," said Grzanich.
          Murray State, Wichita State, Idaho State and Indiana State have all shown interest on the 4/5 man this fall. Mafra is off to a great start this season. He is currently averaging 16.3 ppg and 7.7 rebounds while shooting 63.4% (52-82) from the floor.

          Most recent stats have him at 15.5 ppg, 6.5 reb, 56% FG, 79% FT.


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            Isn't that conference in Iowa just as good, if not better, than the Jayhawk Conference? I think it is obvious that coach is going after a big manm and will sign at least one.


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              I read an article that said he is inexperienced, had not experienced double teaming before, and mentioned if someone would redshirt him for a year, he could turn out pretty good. But what D-1 school would redshirt a Juco player for a year, and only get 1 good year out of him????

              Sounds like a situation of 'too little too late' for a D-1 school to take a chance on him to me.



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                You'd get 2 years of play for 3 years of scholarship.


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                  Snap, when the Shocks recruited Jared Young a while back, I remember some juco analyst saying that if he could go someplace where he could get a year to redshirt and work on his ball handling he could really be something special.

                  Of course, as it turns out, all that would actually have done would have been to get Young kicked off the squad before he contributed anything at all -- but it confirms the point that if a guy hasn't yet used his redshirt year, it's just as available to a juco player as to anyone else.


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                    Yes, I was quite aware of the Young debacle as I used to live next door to Gabe Barnes's stepbrother.


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                      Apparently Mafra is headed to a WCC school.


                      Is that the league that Idaho State is in?


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                        It looks like Mafra verballed to San Diego.