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Is the 67 points we hung on UIC a good sign

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    Originally posted by vbird53
    This might be odd logic. So proceed with caution...

    I think we're assured of at least a .500 season. I know many are still hopeful of much better than that, but you've got to remember that this is the first season under Marshall, and we've got guys on the floor he's only known for 8 months.

    My reasoning for thinking we're assured of at least .500 this year is that we're sitting at .500 after 4 games in what has been kind of a blitzkrieg start. In the only games that we've had any prep time at all for, we're 1-1, going down to the wire with, what appears to be, a pretty good Baylor squad. We're also 1-1 going up against teams that we've had absolutely zero prep time for.

    As many have pointed out, in Marshall's system, the players should improve greatly throughout the season. Right now, I'm expecting this team to finish up the non-con schedule with a bunch of w's.

    The non-con from here out is pretty favorable. I think we can handle Wyoming. @ Appy St. will be tough. MD-Bal and TX-Arl are gimmies. Umkc will give us more problems than most might think. LSU will be tough, but beatable, and UAB is proving they aren't worth much (as of right now).

    Let's get through that, and then re-examine.

    Anybody got any guesses for the rest of the non-con?

    I predict...

    8-3 or 7-4 heading into the Valley opener.
    Ok, so we've made it through Wyoming and App. St. Next up are MD-Bal and TX-Arl. We ought to be able to get these two. I know I called them gimmies earlier, and they're proving to be more than that, but a loss to either is not what any of us would want. Take each, one at a time. We've still got a lot of basketball to be played before we even sniff the Valley opener.