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Is the 67 points we hung on UIC a good sign

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  • Is the 67 points we hung on UIC a good sign

    that we're starting to gel together?

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    Not really. Not yet, anyway. Right now, we've had three poor offensive games to one good one. I want to see 2 or 3 in a row before I will agree that the trend-line is up.

    Having said that, the guys at least stopped the bleeding. The good is that we shot a great percentage, rebounded well and held off a late rally.

    The bad is we still had too many turnovers and we let a 13-pt 2nd-half lead slip to 3 or 4.


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      we are at least headed on the right track, not were we want to be, but are in the right direction
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        They attacked the basket. Went after it, instead of settling. Tried to win instead of not lose. A much better way to play.


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          Re: Is the 67 points we hung on UIC a good sign

          Originally posted by JohnDorian
          that we're starting to gel together?
          No, its more of a "Hey we gotta stop the bleeding before we leave the Islands."

          I just wish we could get more out of Gris. I really think he is the missing weapon on offense, and just needs to gain his confidence back.


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            Sounds like coach Marshall made some really good adjustments this game and was able to get the players to execute. My confidence in him has not waivered the slightest, in fact, I'm actually even more confident about the future.


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              Today was also another game where Durley is huge for one half and is virtually invisible the other.

              Kinda strange.


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                Yeah - I know what you mean about JT. I don't know if coach likes to put him in as his "instant offense" off the bench, but 9 shots in 13 minutes is being real aggressive. IMO - I think he's earned more playing time. But I don't see him in practice.


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                  When we get MG, MG, and AE acclimated, get, AB and EO on the Court, and have some time to bring this togeter---watch out
                  Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                    This might be odd logic. So proceed with caution...

                    I think we're assured of at least a .500 season. I know many are still hopeful of much better than that, but you've got to remember that this is the first season under Marshall, and we've got guys on the floor he's only known for 8 months.

                    My reasoning for thinking we're assured of at least .500 this year is that we're sitting at .500 after 4 games in what has been kind of a blitzkrieg start. In the only games that we've had any prep time at all for, we're 1-1, going down to the wire with, what appears to be, a pretty good Baylor squad. We're also 1-1 going up against teams that we've had absolutely zero prep time for.

                    As many have pointed out, in Marshall's system, the players should improve greatly throughout the season. Right now, I'm expecting this team to finish up the non-con schedule with a bunch of w's.

                    The non-con from here out is pretty favorable. I think we can handle Wyoming. @ Appy St. will be tough. MD-Bal and TX-Arl are gimmies. Umkc will give us more problems than most might think. LSU will be tough, but beatable, and UAB is proving they aren't worth much (as of right now).

                    Let's get through that, and then re-examine.

                    Anybody got any guesses for the rest of the non-con?

                    I predict...

                    8-3 or 7-4 heading into the Valley opener.


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                      I agree with vbird. There are a lot of good things about this team already. They're killing their opponents on the boards. They're playing good defense. All of the players look like they've "bought in" to Marshall's system. Almost all of the new players are already contributing significantly:

                      - Griskenas has been great on the glass (the UIC game notwithstanding)
                      - Clemente is a MONSTER on the glass and is starting to step up his offense.
                      - Ellis is "long" and athletic and is already showing he can play D and has a shot lurking in there somewhere - I get the same vibe from him that I got from P.J. his first season: a guy who will do whatever he needs to do.
                      - Durley has been one of the few pleasant offensive surprises so far and looks like he may fill the "offensive spark plug" role.
                      - Michael and Harris have been solid in their minutes at guard.
                      - The jury is still out on Hatch, and I think he's probably a better fit for Turgeon's system than Marshall's but with the discipline you know the guy has, I see him finding his role and doing it well.

                      Add to this the fact that Phil has been very solid for us already, Gal is poised for a breakout year, Matt has fully accepted the floor leader role, and P.J. is still P.J. - even if he has to work the bugs out of his new position, and I see them going into the conference schedule with a little momentum, even if they drop one or both to LSU and UAB.

                      And that's WITHOUT getting Orukpe by year's end.

                      If they can keep cleaning the glass and playing D like this all year, they will have a shot at the Valley title. The shooting woes WILL get better, and the ballhandling woes NEED to get better, but I think they will.

                      :clap: :clap:


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                        This group of guys will have ups and downs. They're young and inexperienced for the most part, and ups and downs are part of the ride with a group like this.

                        PJ, Phil and Matt need to exhibit constant leadership, and if it takes a figurative kick in the keester by CGM to encourage them to do it, so be it.

                        I think they'll be fine.


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                          I'm watching LSU play Ok St. and really liking our chances against this team. Would be a great boost to start the rise of the Shockers!!


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                            It's still a month away.....lots of hoops between now and then.

                            Sure would be nice if Nigeria's bureaucracy got a move on......


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                              Originally posted by shox8498
                              This group of guys will have ups and downs. They're young and inexperienced for the most part, and ups and downs are part of the ride with a group like this.
                              Speaking of ups and downs...what's with these biploar threads. We go from suicide watch after two ugly losses to today's hugs and kisses. The ride just started and there's going to be more ugly shooting performances mixed in with steady improvement throughout the entire season. Let's face it, this team is not that talented. It's got a lot of future potential but this is a rebuilding year.