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3-pt drill

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  • 3-pt drill

    Got this off Colorado message board.

    "• Long Bomber Because the Buffs won’t be afraid to take 3-point shots this season, they’ve been using a drill that teams like West Virginia and Air Force have used in recent years. Using one rebounder and one basketball, a player moves to different spots around the perimeter of the 3-point line and makes as many 3-pointers as he can in five minutes. Former WVU player Kevin Pittsnogle reportedly holds the record with 78. Knutson made 71 out of roughly 80 3-pointers during the drill recently."

    Wonder if Marshall uses anything like this???
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    I have a hard time believing that because 78 shots in 5 minutes is 1 made every 4 seconds.


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      That is rediculous..did the guy even miss?


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        pittsnogle was the man. 6-11 with a sweet 3-ball.
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          WSU runs almost the same 3-Point drill as you discribed but the make a contest out of it between
          two or more players with the looser running laps or
          doing pushups.


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            I was watching a West Va. game either last year or the year before and i remember the commentator talking about pittsnogle and the drill. It was also said he would compete with a name a cant remember from another school.
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