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Shocker Radio Broadcasts Question??

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  • Shocker Radio Broadcasts Question??

    I heard a rumor from a credible source that Terrell Benton is being replaced on road games by Dave Dahl. I've always felt that Terrell was an upgrade with his basketball knowledge and had quite a bit of potential.

    This move surprises me.

    Am I alone? What did you all think of Terrell?

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    This is all new news to me. TB was a former Shocker and I did like his commentary. My take on TB having the job in the first place was that David Dahl did not have the time to travel as in the past. However, maybe maybe DD now has more time to again travel with the Shockers? If so, how could they tell him no? He has been with Mike Kennedy doing this for a long-long time and he does a great job and was also a Shocker player as a "blast from the past."
    Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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      I thought that Terrell was doing a great job. I hope that your source is wrong, although I have no reason to doubt you, because he did a good job and showed great potential to turn into a top notch broadcaster.
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        This sucks if true. I loved Benton and he was doing a great job. If this is true, I hope it's because Benton has decided he didn't want to, or couldn't do it, for whatever reasons and not that "they" decided he wouldn't.
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          Terrell did a great job! His commentary was valued and well respected by tons of Shocker fans!

          With Terrell the last couple years...I liked the change of pace amoungst the radio team. Different voices are a good thing to mix it up a bit throughout the season!

          But...perhaps with a new regime at WSU comes change. Best of luck to Mr. Benton! He will be missed!
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            TB did do a really good job on the air.

            If this is the case then this sucks


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              Last year Terrell worked for the alumni assn, which probably gave him the flexibility to do that. He's not with them anymore so thta may have made it logistically impossible to continue.

              Thanks for the time behind the mic (and beside The Mike), Terrell!


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                It's true. 8)
                Above all, make the right call.


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                  I think everyone is overreacting and jumping to conclusions. As Royal stated this quite possibly is due to TB's schedule, which might have been dictated by a new job.


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                    Originally posted by BostonWu
                    I think everyone is overreacting and jumping to conclusions. As Royal stated this quite possibly is due to TB's schedule, which might have been dictated by a new job.
                    Im sure not everybody knew/knows that though.

                    Either way it still sucks


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                      Maybe he can replace Rene......err......Craig on TV
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                        Mike Kennedy and Dave Dahl are two of the best in the country at what they do, and they make a GREAT team. They've been together a long time, and their chemistry is impeccable.

                        I'm glad I got a chance to work with them both. I learned a lot from Mike during our time together, and Dave helped me tremendously as well. We as Shocker fans will always have the best radio broadcast in the country so long as Mike and Dave are on the air

                        Thanks again for listening. I'll be around.



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                          On the bright side

                          most games are on tv

                          I hope TB finds a new place to continue his growth as a broadcaster. His knowledge of the game is as good as it gets (you can always tell that he is a huge fan of basketball and not just WSU basketball).


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                            T.B.---Thanks for an awesome job as a Shocker player and your class act as a Shocker broadcaster. As a player, FSF loved watching you drain them 3's. As a Shocker broadcaster, you were prepared, you did your homework, and I enjoyed your input. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. No doubt you will continue being successful.
                            Shocker basketball will forever be my favorite team in all of sports.


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                              I'm just going to say it. I'm not a fan of Dave Dahl on the air. I really enjoyed Terrell on the road games. Dave Dahl may be a great person, a good attorney, and a super booster (I think he's probably all of those things). The best part of having season tickets meant never having to hear Dave Dahl provide "color." I too hope it was Terrell's choice. I guess it could be worse, they could always pull Craig off of TV coverage and stick him on the radio.

                              Edit: Reading Suellentrop's article today, it's clear it wasn't Terrell's choice.
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