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    Well in a few weeks Wichita State will be playing in the bracket busters so here is a bit of a preview. WSU is on the road so below is a list of the home teams that are not a part of the valley and they have not played already. The numbers next to the teams are the RPI by Pomeroy. Currently WSU is listed #165.

    There are a few teams slightly above WSU's RPI which include: Old Dominion, Loyola MD, William & Mary, UNC Wilmington, and Cal-State Fullerton.

    Not much slightly below: Jacksonville State, Murray State, and then a huge drop in RPI

    May seem like a lot of overanalysis but one of these guys will be on the schedule for this year and at Koch next year. Anyone have a preference?
    • Atlantic Sun
      East Tennessee State #131

      Big Sky
      Northern Arizona #123

      Big South
      Winthrop #108

      Big West
      Cal-State Fullerton #154
      Cal-State Northridge #86
      UC Irvine #202
      UC Riverside #309
      Pacific #135

      Colonial Athletic
      Drexel #217
      James Madison #206
      UNC-Wilmington #158
      Old Dominion #163
      Towson #225
      William & Mary #159

      Horizon League
      Butler #24
      Cleveland State #64
      Detroit #294
      Valparaiso #90
      UW-Green Bay #93

      Akron #76
      Buffalo #253
      Eastern Michigan #262
      Northern Illinois #286
      Ohio #52
      Toledo #212

      Metro Atlantic Athletic
      Canisius #323
      Iona #220
      Loyola MD #160
      Manhattan #271
      Saint Peter’s #316

      Ohio Valley
      Austin Peay #140
      Eastern Illinois #339
      Eastern Kentucky #236
      Jacksonville State #167
      Murray State #171

      Holy Cross #148

      Elon #268

      Summit League
      Oral Roberts #60

      Western Athletic
      Boise State #112
      Fresno State #190
      Louisiana Tech #326
      New Mexico State #141
      Utah State #102

      West Coast
      Saint Mary's #18

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    Doesn't seem like getting any of the higher RPIs is very likely.

    I'd like Oral Roberts though.


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      Makes for good story lines...
      Deep in the heart of couldn't give a crap about college basketball-land and I miss the SHOX.
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        I think it would be fun to see Marshall face his old team in Winthrop or an Oral Roberts who is close and maybe start up an annual meeting with them since we lost the Tulsa game. Anybody know why we don't play Tulsa anymore. It used to be a huge rivalary way back.
        Shocker Forever!!


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          Let's play UC Irvine. Get some revenge from baseball season!

          Go Shox!!
          Shocker Forever!!


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            Why is St. Mary's even put as an option. We'll never get to play them.

            I hope we get a team from the WAC like Boise State, Fresno State, or New Mexico State


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              We don't get to choose, correct?

              Don't be suprised when they will put us with Winthrop. At least there would be much interest in the game in NC and KS.


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                After watching Winthrop play in the Virgin Islands, I think they'd beat us, bad. Unless they've had injuries since then.


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                  HCGM does not want to play Winthrop. I am hoping for Old Dominion.
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                    I'm going with East Tennessee State. Not because I want to see them, but because I think that's who we'll play.
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                      Boise State, Fresno State, New Mexico State, or Utah State might add a little flavor for a home game next year.


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                        Originally posted by shocks02
                        Why is St. Mary's even put as an option. We'll never get to play them.
                        Because the copy and paste is such a wonderful tool. :whistle: Really though I just figured I'd put them all up.

                        If I read correctly, the pairings are announced on Feb 4th. The best game looks to be Drake at Butler (Drake has already played Saint Mary's). I am kind of thinking that Butler might as well move into the Valley. A matchup with Drake would give them five games against MVC teams!


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                          Irvine - for the baseball guys.
                          Winthrop - for the made for TV drama (we'd lose thought)
                          Manhattan - a team we can beat and Ramon gets to play at Home.
                          ORU - a team we should be scheduling anyway.
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                            UNC-Wilmington or any other team from the southeast. Or New Mexico State because I have a friend in NM that might like the chance to check it out.
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                              I'd like to see us play, ODU, W&M, or Loyola, MD because they have RPIs similar to ours - plus they are within driving distance for me.

                              Otherwise, one of the WAC teams would make for a reasonble return game at Koch next year.