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PJ don't be offended...

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  • PJ don't be offended...

    Bring PJ in off the bench...he's performing like S.O last season. Eating up a lot of minutes with no real productivity. I didn't get to see or hear the game last night but on the 45 seconds of highlights I did see on the news, I saw him get burned twice on defense...couple that with the lack of consistent leadership, scoring and someone else deserves a shot.

    The guy has huge potential but right now he's nowhere close to All Valley honorable mention...nowhere close. Even his defense has not been stellar.

    I hope he turns it around before his senior year is gone.

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    like who?


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      Sean Ogirri, paper. Last season Sean burned up all sorts of minutes early and didn't play defense or score. He eventually found the bench and then the bus.


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        no no no. I met who would you bring in instead of PJ since he's riding pine in your mind.


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          Originally posted by Hotel Paper
          no no no. I met who would you bring in instead of PJ since he's riding pine in your mind.
          Based soley on last night would it really matter? since the production would be about the same.


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            Ellis gets the nod. Only a freshman with huge upside...I would just turn him loose and say play ball kid.


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              PJ played great in the Bradley game. Everyone played poorly in the MSU game. It is silly to pick on PJ.
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              Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.


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                But PJ has been pretty disappointing so far this year. He's supposed to be our best player yet he won't go out there and be our best player. Again, PJ needs to pull his head out and start playing.
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                  You all do realize that PJ is our leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder, 3rd in assists and first in steals, right? Yet he's only 3rd in minutes played. I'd say that's pretty decent production.

                  By some of your logic, everyone should be coming off the bench.

                  I expected bigger numbers from PJ, too. But every team is smothering him with their best defender and at times he is the only one that can get to the basket.

                  I don't think bringing him in off the bench is going to improve this team.


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                    I just don't think it would be feasible to bring everyone off the bench...
                    Wear your seatbelt.


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                      I have been critical of PJ but WSU needs PJ on the floor. Also, I think some people give PJ too much credit as an individual player. He does need help. PJ was doubled and tripled teamed last night quite a bit. A couple of other players have to step up and keep the defense honest.

                      As for bringing him off the bench, that is crazy talk. It will not help matters at all.


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                        What does PJ rank on our team in the category of FG % or FT %?

                        He is our leader, but I think he's trying to do too much, and forcing way too much. PJ's three-point stroke really has never been there and that's become even more apparent this year.. yet he continues to pop 'em up like they're nothing.

                        I'd like to see the old PJ back. The one who doesn't force everything. The one who doesn't care about his wild NBA aspirations. The one who has excellent vision and looks for the extra pass for an easy layup for a teammate. That's what we need... easyyy baskets.
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                          P.J. is being asked to do more scoring, and increase his leadership more than he has been asked in the past. It is also my opinion that he does not have his hands on the ball as much this year in a position to assist others as he has had in previous years as a "point forward". Under MT he almost always had the ball when the shot clock was winding down or at crunch time. Now Gal or sometimes MB is the guy who has the ball when time is running out. Teams are making an all out effort to double him in the post because he is our best option where in the past he was option two or three in the post. I really think we are getting about as much from him production wise as past years except from a stand point where he makes everyone else better.

                          Give him a break he is trying he needs additional help! P.J. is not a shooter, see SO, he is not a scorer see KB, he is player who is best wearing many hats, of which scoring has never been his best asset...


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                            I don't know what the team averages are and I should look that up before I open my computer but....the numbers shouldn't even be close compared to everyone else on the team.

                            Especially since he considers himself to be professional caliber. My problem with PJ is that it seems he can turn it on when he wants to and for whatever reason, right now he doesn't want to.

                            If I was picking players off of this team for a game of five on five MB would be my first pick and PJ would probably still be my second based on the first three years of his performance...however in the back of my mind I would be wondering if I should have stuck with Phil or Gal. There is no certainty when PJ goes in for a layup or a free throw and there should be.


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                              PJ don't be offended...but this team desperately needs 15 points per game from you. I don't think that's asking too much considering the circumstances in which the team finds itself offensively.