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    After watching the game monday and reading the comments on here i've noticed a few things.
    1st- We all know Gal is no point guard!!! u know it, i know it, Coach Marshall knows it, and hopefully by now Gal knows it to; so there is know point on bringing it up anymore. BUT how can we fix it?? With Matt out who is the next best point guard avaliable?? Predom?? i think not, and we know Gal isn't, so who?? Bret Micheal, even though he is a walkon is a solid point guard. I've talked to coaches that tried to recruit him in high school and they said that he was one of the best guards in the state; no lie!! I'm not saying he should start but lets get him some experience now cuz who knows how long Matt is gonna be out; hopefully not long.
    2nd- I don't think I've ever seen a team shoot 28% from the field for the game!! Are u kidding me?? 28%!!!! some are contested but alot of the shots we are getting are wide open looks!!! Guys please oh please get in the gym and shoot; if you are u have to do more of it!! Last time I checked the team the scores the most baskets still wins the game.
    3rd- As Shockers we have to remember that Coach Marshall still doesn't have HIS players yet, give it a yr. or 2 before we get on him. Remember He gets his teams to the tourny!!!

    Shockem Shocks!!!

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    I couldn't agree more Michael is the only true point guard left. While he was on the floor he made everyone else better. At this point its clear we have to maximize everyone's potential that means value the ball get good looks by running your sets. Michael to me demonstrated in the little bit I have seen him has shown me and maybe after last game the coaches that he is capable of running the show. We need Gal running of screens looking to finish we need points from him. To Gal's credit he is working hard to do something that is not natural for him. osterwsu:


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      my only arguement is #1.

      If you expect a walkon to fix anything you're setting yourself up for disappointment. There is a reason a player is a walk on as compared to schollie player.

      Gal is the only option at the point. Everybody knows Gal is a 2 guard. But with Matt how he has to compensate.

      Kind of like when Turgeon let Frogirri run the point his freshman year some.

      Point is if people will get stressed out if they worry to much about it.

      Just calm down everything will be ok.


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        No, Gal isn't the only option. You must not have seen the game on Monday. Yeah, Michael is a walkon but that doesn't mean he can't play the game. Just ask the coaches if he can play. If they thought he couldn't play why then did they put him in the game, they must trust him.


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          Originally posted by DMrkXthespot
          No, Gal isn't the only option. You must not have seen the game on Monday. Yeah, Michael is a walkon but that doesn't mean he can't play the game. Just ask the coaches if he can play. If they thought he couldn't play why then did they put him in the game, they must trust him.
          Mekel obviously is not the only option but he is the best option.

          I do not understand this obsession with Michael. They put him in the game because someone has to give Mekel some rest. I understand that he looked decent in limited minutes but that is just it – limited minutes. Don't get carried away.

          If Michael was the better option the coaching staff would have been playing him a whole lot more this entire year not just because MB is hurt. PG depth has been an issue all season.


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            whats best for this team?? Gal at the point or Gal scoring?? I would go with Gal scoring and he can't do that at the point. Put someone in that can get him and the other guys the ball while not turning it over.


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              I don't think he should start or that he is gonna fix everything. I think thier might be times when BM and GM could play at the same time. I don't think we should get crazy I just think based on what I've seen his play is solid. And we played well as a team with him in the game.


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                Why cant Gal score at the point?? *outside of not shooting well*

                Matts done it all year.


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                  Coach was asked by Mike Kennedy the other night on the post-game show about Brett's performance on Tuesday, and he had generally pretty positive things to say. I was impressed to hear at his HS--Sunrise Academy they've named some sort of award after him because he was such a solid player for them. Pretty impressive. That said, he also eluded to the fact that he's gotten a slow start because he had a concussion in the Virgin Islands and it took him awhile to recover. I also got the impression that he's not as athletic as perhaps we'd like him to be (compared to D1 players) but the fact that he didn't make a lot of mistakes that night was a plus. Marshall said he may be getting some more playing time, but based on what he said, it won't be as the starting point guard.

                  It seems that coach has not given up on Gal making improvements--that isn't to say he'll ever be a great point guard, but I think maybe Marshall might see some potential in him. At the post-game press conference the coach didn't seem to angry or disappointed--basically said he was 'unspectacular'. I would tend to trust the coach's judgment, since he works with these young men each day, has been coaching division 1 basketball a long time. With that said, if Gal is going to improve, I would certainly hope it'd be SOONER, rather than later!

                  We just don't have many options at the point I'm afraid. Maybe Brett can get more minutes and start showing more of what he's capable of...


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                    Gal is just better moving without the ball in his hands. He does petter coming off screens that are set for him. I'm not saying that he's a bad player, he's not. All I'm saying is that for Gal to be the best player he can be, he shouldn't be at the point


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                      I read it as coach getting what he expected (or more) out of Bret. It also seemed to me that he got about as much as he thought he could have hoped for from Gal. At least, that's the way is sounded to me. To say that he was particularly pleased with Gal would be an overstatement.


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                        The bottom line is this: Neither Mekel or BM are ideal options right now to run this team.

                        Everyone knows that Mekel is playing better now at the 2 than the 1, that is not debatable. But apparently the coaching staff thinks that Mekel is the better option to get the majority of the minutes at the PG position even though Michael is more of a natural point guard. Notably, Mekel was also the better option to back up MB during every game this year.

                        Maybe Michael's development was slowed down because of injury but I would wager it really did not make that big of a difference. It has been several months now and if Michael was such an attractive option he would have seen more playing time backing up MB.

                        And it is not about what is best for Mekel right now – it is about what is best for the team. You want your best players on the floor. Can Mekel score, yes. But that won't be his primary function at PG. The other players are going to have to step up a little.


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                          I really think Bret was going to be an option before his injury. From everything I had heard they were impressed in practice thought he might get some time at point. Regardless I am thankful we have a quality person and player like BM to fall back on in a time like this he can help our team. Must be an awesome feeling to grow up a Shocker lover and all the sudden find yourself running the show. Obviously when you are a walk on and get to contribute in a game setting instead of just practice your doing something right. Just glad he is a shocker!!!!

                          :goshocks: :goshocks: :goshocks: :goshocks: :goshocks:


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                            i agree!!


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                              I do not have any inside information but I doubt Michaels was ever a serious option to back up MB because like I wrote twice – if that were the case it would have happened before MB was injured. We all know that CGM was not pleased with Mekel at PG.

                              I have nothing against Michaels but if he is the best option to play PG, I have serious reservations about WSU Basketball.

                              If he is as good as you people seem to think he is – then let us see if his minutes continue to increase. More importantly, let's see if he gets off the bench and plays legitimate minutes if MB returns to the line up and can play at 100%.